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hi I graduated c25k about 3 weeks ago, I have done a few 5 k's 2 parkruns and 2 6 km runs and 1 7 k run. I noticed there is a 6 mile trail race at a nearby woodland in the evening on the 3 rd of June. I am tempted to enter, but wonder if that is too soon. I also swim and cycle regularly so am not too unfit, but 7 k is the furthest I have ever run up to now . Any advice on whether I should try it or not?

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  • Having just moved to an area which is very 'trail' and not much 'path', I've found there is a distinct difference - I don't run as smoothly and consistently - or as fast - but other than that it feels just as good - I'm still running after all. At this time of year trails are at the very least dry, so you can just wear your usual gear and not worry about getting wet feet. So I'd say go for it, but keep your pace manageable. New ways to run keep it all interesting and exciting. Let us know how you get on if you decide to go for it :)

  • I did a lot of my early runs in the woods where the race is held so not worried about the terrain, more the step up in distance. Thanks for replying!

  • I think that sounds lovely; I expect there'll be a mix of walkers and runners. Are you near enough to practise walking the route heavyhorse? Or cycle it.

    I find a new distance mentally daunting and have been known to stick a little backpack on with a drink, fruit money and phone, iPod and sports watch set to show me distance travelled and go off for a ramble - it's nice because I learnt my average walking pace, realised I could manage the distance, along with visualising the route again back homeif it was a local one and break it down into bitesize pieces.

    What I'm really saying is YES do it! The atmosphere sweeps you along and runners are a really friendly crowd πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • I know , and have walked and run in the woods often, I don't know the exact course though but the terrain is pretty good, forest roads and paths in good condition, a bit hilly but nothing drastic. The advert says good for people starting out in trail running so don't think it will be too tough, just a bit further than I'm used to. Thanks for replying!

  • Do you run on trails at all now? I would say go for it, you are progressing well, ️️trails are superb and my favourite too as they offer more interest but they are more challenging . You can always walk sections if you are struggling. Good luck :)

  • yeah I do , I prefer off road, and use the road mostly from home just to get between trails or increase distance. I really wouldn't want to have to walk sections though I'd like to know I could do the distance nonstop! Thanks for replying, I think all of you might be giving me the push I need to go for it!

  • I know what you mean.. I always keep in the back of my mind that I can walk bits and on really long runs I walk every 3 miles for a minute. It really helps your recovery.... Good luck!!

  • If you were running 2x5k and 1x7k this week, you could use the 10% rule to add 1.7k to your long run, making it 8.7k. If you do the same again the following week you will exceed the 10k or 6 mile needed for your run. Off road running is definitely more fun than tarmac and concrete and if they say it is suitable for beginners you should be well up for up.

    The 10% rule is actually just a guide, but if you stick to something near it then you are unlikely to overdo it. Be warned though, some trail runs are really hardcore, with the steepest hills and muddiest ditches thrown in for fun.

    You'll love it. Keep running, keep smiling.

    EDIT if it is hardcore you will need trail shoes.

  • I wear trail shoes all the time, and I don't think this one is supposed to be challenging, it is also organised by a road running group so probably a good one for an introduction! 10% rule makes it seem reasonable rather than the gremlins in my head saying its almost double a 5 k.. Even when I have done 7k albeit only the once!

  • maybe a bit too soon but if you could try a couple of runs on the trail beforehand and see if you could make the 6 miles.... you are fit so I think you should be ok..


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