Demanding 7km road/trail run

Demanding 7km road/trail run

Had a good club run yesterday evening, although quite demanding starting on road with a steep long hill, then off road in the grounds of a private school using their cross-country course in woodland, which is about a circuit, again there were some steep descents as well as ascents, and bumps & hollows in the grass, as seen in the pic, so had to watch out! but in the evening sun glinting through the trees( sounding like old floss now😊) it was a pleasant time, until the other members said then to do the circuit again in reverse, I passed on that! As the backs of my legs were starting to nag! so thought wise not to do it..😰

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  • That looks a great place to run - lovely. And well done on the 7K!

  • Goodness, I'd say 7K n that sort of terrain was more than enough! Well done!

  • Some of it was on road...

  • Surely it would have been dark by the time the reverse runners got back! Think you made the right call.

  • No, wasn't dark, but they turned back to find me because I gave up on it to protect myself..

  • Lovely picture Dave, looks great! Well done! (and I don't blame you for passing on that second lap!!)

  • Well done Dave, looks very nice that .I don't blame you either for passing up on that reverse lap ! :-) xxx

  • That looks gorgeous. I might have passed out on the hills never mind a reverse lap!!! 😉

  • It also played up on my mind, as too much for you have to call it a day!

  • Cheeky! :)

    It sounds like a beautiful run and what a lovely photograph too. What a super way to spend a balmy evening... (that is balmy with a 'l' not an 'r'. )

    Go you xxxx

  • Floss Ha Ha😊

  • Ha ha Floss ! With Dave , it is most definitely Barmy !

    Only joking Dave :-) xxx

  • Pops!😕

  • Looks great. Good call - better to enjoy what you do than push to not enjoying.

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