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Day 57 of Core - 4 to go

Day 57 of Core - 4 to go

Exercise 1 routine

7 mins

1 minute of each exercise

( 30 seconds each side if needed)

Squats. Double or single leg


One leg kickbacks

Calf stretch

Hamstring stretch

Buttock stretch

Thigh stretch.

Feel free to double up to 14 mins if you are feeling it today 😀.

Remember that pain is not acceptable. Push yourself but if it hurts stop.

All these exercises can be found on the NHS WEBSITE.

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Done! 😊 Thank you Realfoodieclub

Only had one 'blip' (missed three days last weekend due to wedding!).


That one legged kick back gives me cramp!!!!! shows it's working then. Keep at it Wobble!

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Have to tried the straight leg version?


I think so. I think it’s a good one to keep trying as it’s doing me good i’m sure 🙂


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