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Life has got in the way 😢

Life has got in the way this week, Work, snow, ice and Christmas shopping! I ran on Monday, 3k interval training which I quite enjoyed, 30 mins on cross trainer Tuesday but for some reason I’m really aching, more so as the week goes on, my knees, calves , shoulders. Could it be my body catching up with all the running it’s done over last few weeks/ months? On the plus side, whilst Christmas shopping for my eldest son, I had a cheeky gait analysis done 😁. It’s really bizarre watching your feet run on screen, I saw for myself that I land on my heel, turn my toes out then bring knees in 🤦‍♂️, did find trainers that helped but they were too big in size. So will review after chiropractor and Christmas and try for new trainers to help me achieve my craziness of doing a half marathon!

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You’ve managed more than me this week! Monday was snowed off and I didn’t even manage any Christmas shopping as the roads were still dodgy. Wednesday didn’t happen either as the pavements were still icy. It’s currently raining so I am hoping to get out tomorrow (off to work shortly).

It’s a shame they didn’t have trainers to fit you, but at least you know what you need to get.

Happy Running!


It happens but as you are in it for the long haul don't worry about it - life happens, it's the keeping going that's important 😀. I'm hoping to do my first run in a week and a half due to a chest infection, itching to get out there.

Your aches may be due to the cross trainer (if you don't usually do it) and carrying all that shopping!

Hope you get the shoes you need (need first) and want, like the look of (not too important) soon.


You’ll be fine. You’ll get your shoes in the new year sale 👍

A half marathon will be a goer if you do the training runs. Slow and steady is fine 😃👍


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