Asthma beaten! Running again after 4 weeks off!

I managed to get a bronchial-sinusitis virus which left me with severe asthma & a course of fairly vile steroids (although they worked a treat!) all of which led to no running for a whole month! I would've gone crazy were it not for this forum. I've been enjoying reading about everyone's running adventures, following Juju's stretches, squats & planks (still dreadful at those!) & gaining tips on winter running. The tips were all fab - I hadn't thought of a buff & improvised with a fleece ski neck gaiter which helped for the start of the run & became an ear/head warmer on the cool down. I went out armed with ventolin & did a familiar route about 4k. It was very slow but I didn't need to stop . I'm just so very relieved that the buff worked & I had no asthma symptoms - in fact my breathing always seems to improve when I get into the run. I shall be buying a proper buff & a funky flouro jacket this weekend so I can run after dark. Thanks for the great advice & supportive posts from other asthma sufferers.

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  • Oh gosh I feel your pain as a fellow sufferer. I love running in the cold weather ( no pollen to make me wheezy) but when it's icy cold it is nasty on the chest. Buffs are so versatile aren't they.... and well done on all your activities !

  • Thanks ju-ju. I'm always surprised & glad that you can get advice about anything & everything on this forum! It really does keep you going!

  • I love this forum ❀️

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