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Heels and running don't mix!

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Yesterday I was in town for remembrance, lunch and shopping so I was smart with 3 inch heels. I normally live in flat shoes and theatre clogs so it was novel to be taller for the day. Today was runday with a 9k planned. Went off ok except the garmin GPS failed so left with just a timer going. A mile in and boy my ankle twinged and I felt some shin stiffness. Why it this I ask? Well that may be my day in heels then! I spent the first couple of miles ignoring the gremlins and carried on to finish my run in 54 mins 40 secs. Now I have learnt that heels really mess with my running legs, who knew?!?! No partying for me before a runday.

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Strange how our priorities change when we become runners. I now often hear myself say no thanks, Im saving my running legs 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

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High heels... what are those...??? :)

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Believe me mine are very dusty! Trainers seem to the the shoe of choice these days, goodness what happened to me lol.

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Short rockers used to sport them in the '70ies, as l remember. Otherwise l see no point, my wife certainly doesn't (all 5ft 11 worth of her ;)

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Exactly! I walked into town in my old running shoes today. I stood around in the cold all day yesterday and I wore heels but only small ones. I was going to wear heeled boots but can't afford to have dodgy feet this weekend. We have to think ahead now don't we now we're runners

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I do need heels as I'm very short!

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I am vertically challenged too!

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What the heel were you doing on such stilts? ;-)

(sorry, couldn't help myself)

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Lol stilts is pretty much what I need! But not for running, that would be a challenge running on stilts!

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