Anyone on Mapmyrun?😊

Anyone on Mapmyrun?😊

Hi everyone, I'm doing ju ju's 10k plan as you know and have just done my 7k run. Yay...

Im using Mapmyrun though not Strava as I wanted the voice prompts for free...but I'm alone on there. Does anyone use Mapmyrun to record their runs and would be happy to befriend me?😆

The c25k club on Strava was nice because you could see yourself on the leader board and give kudos to people you know. Im missing that a little I there something similar on mapmyrun.


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  • well.....if you enjoyed strava but want the voice prompts then you could use endomondo which i believe also gives voice prompts (Under Armor own both Endomondo and mapmyrun, so might able to use the same login). Then you could use a website called Tapiriik ( which will sync your runs to strava . So once you have finished your run and uploaded it just go to the tapiriik website and click sync or you can pay a few dollars and will automatically do it.

    I use this website to sync all my runs to everything else.

  • Thanks benwill..i will look into this.

  • just ask if you have any issues :)

  • Thanks..😊

  • Hi Ben, hubby helped. He downloaded the runs by creating tcx files on Mapmyrun which we uploaded to Strava.

    The password I use on mapmyrun didnt work on Endomondo but now all my runs are in one place which is great.

    Thanks again for your advice.

  • Great you can do it that way as well 😀

  • 7k yay! How did it go?

  • Good thanks..

    I was tired by the last km, and thought I would steady up a bit.Then a lady in trainers and a tracksuit crossed over and was in front of me. But she was speed walking 😯 using her arms and everything😆 I was catching up with her very slowly and drew almost level. I thought she would step aside a bit ..but no...I had to excelerate to go past and then was worried about having her clipping at my put on an extra spurt.

    I would have liked a steadier finish but feel positive about that 8k next week.

    How about you SaskAlliecat? Still making ground...

  • Haha, those darn speed walkers! I did a full walking marathon a few years ago and remember passing some runners on race day, much to their chagrine. It is much easier to keep going with a steady pace speed walking rather than running, I found 😆. I am glad to be back to running though. I always felt so goofy when I was working on building speed, it is quite an unnatural looking gait 😜

    I'm back on track with juju's plan. I missed a run last week but till ran 7k on Sunday which felt great. I did a speed workout from the Pace Academy Challenge on Runkeeper for my 4K run on Wednesday. I ended up running the intervals too fast since I forgot my garmin and Runkeeper wasn't telling me if I was on pace or not so went by feel (I have no natural feel for pace 😕). My lower back was a little stiff but feeling good today. Will get out for a 5k run in a bit and am really looking forward to the 8k on Sunday. I'm glad things are going well for you this go around.

  • Enjoy your run. 😊

    I saw that RFC has joined a racewalking group this week. She said is was good fun.

    I still have my short 3.5k run of wk3 to do. Either Sunday or Monday I think.

    We are getting there....Oldfloss is doing this plan with us too. She has already run 10k a few times but not since her calf injury I think.

    Happy running😊x

  • I saw RFC's post about joining a racewalking group. I have found training for the walking marathon has improved my stride while running this go around. We had 7 hours to complete the 42.2k. I like to overplan so I trained to finish in 6 hours to ensure I finished in the allotted time. To improve my speed I had to shorten my stride and increase my turnover rate. I find when I run now, I have retained this shorter stride and do a mid foot strike instead of heel strike. I haven't experience any knee or shin pain this go around (knock on wood) just some tired legs and a tight lower back/pelvis which has become my new normal over the last year and a half.

    It's nice to know OldFloss is with us on the plan, it will hopefully remind to keep it slow and steady. I find my legs want to go so much faster than my body. I just finished my 5k run and I found it quite challenging today - not sure if it was my pisspoor nutrition yesterday, the 2 1/2 hours of sleep I got last night, tired legs from Wednesday's run or all of the above. I'll need OldFloss in my ear on Sunday telling me to go slower 😆

  • I like that--"legs want to go so much faster than my body"--made me laugh!!!

  • No 10K for a while!!!! But with this and you, i will get there again! I hope!!!!

  • Well done on the 7K Jan, that's fab 🤗

  • Thank you IP..I think so too😄xxx

  • She is brilliant!

  • I keep trying Jan.... but I am not getting any joy! Changing my phone, so maybe !!!

    Go you on the 7K!!!! xxx

  • Where can find Ju-Ju's 10 k plan please?

  • Hi Duddles the plan is listed in the pinned posts on this B210k site called c25k-up-to 10k

    Here is a link to the first week

    There are six weeks. The rest are all in the pinned posts.

  • Wowzers Jan-now-runs ...that’s a fab run...I am not worthy!!! I’ve got map my run & i’ll be your friend x

  • Aw thanks MummyCav...I will message you so we can swop details...😊x

  • 7K - well done! I thought Strava did give you the voice prompts, but looking at the settings I think it's only for when you stop and start and pause. I thought I remembered Mr. Strava telling me when I'd clocked up each km, but perhaps that was Mr. Endomondo, before I broke up with him. Sorry, but MapMyRun is too flaky for where I run.

  • Ha, thats ok Anniemurph, thank you. I think maybe the Premium Strava that you have to pay for may have the voice prompts.

    Hubby has fixed it for me so I can run with Mapmyrun but still upload to Strava afterwards so all my runs are there in one I can share with the c25k club on Strava.😊x

  • Well done Jan-now-runs , great post and fantastic progress, hope I can emulate that in the months to come .... :-)

    I'm also using MapMyRun, so will see about friending you ... do we need to exchange usernames etc ?

  • Emails I think. I will personal message you later.😊x

  • Oh and thank you.. 😊x

    Im enjoying the challenge...I think😆

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