Anyone else get quite excited by their long runs?

As my long runs are very early on weekend mornings traffic and speed aren't issues so there's a lot more freedom to explore the local area as there is with my 5k or interval runs. I find myself driving round thinking "I could run down here" and next thing I know I'm on mapmyrun seeing what sort of distance it would entail.

Not exactly like a kid at Christmas but still the highlight of the week!

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  • I am so with you there... I get really excited and really nervous too before a really big one!! I love poring over my stats afterwards and basking in my achievements ( perhaps we are just a bit sad??!!)

  • Me too, love comparing my speed and distances!

  • Yes... I know what you mean... I was disappointed with my 2nd km on my most recent run as I had somehow run it more than 20s faster than any other kilometre. All the other nine were gloriously consistent!

  • I have had a week off running due to a sore knee and limiting myself to 5k runs this week but yes, I love a long run, plodding along for ages is a challenge and you see so much. The furthest I ever did is 13 km but felt exhausted and happy afterwards. I often plan where I will go on my long run all week - I could say "I don't get out much" but since I started running, I do!

  • I do that too. I found a nice long run round my home town the other day. All pavement but I wasn't worried by traffic etc at all, especially since it was a morning run.

    Then last week I did an evening run round Birmingham and it was a lot harder because of the traffic, the people and above all the street furniture (sign posts, bus shelters, traffic lights, railings etc). Nightmare. But it was my first time, so I'm going to try again.

  • I used to run - well plod, about 10 years ago and got into it for a while. Longest about 12 km. I found myself once sitting on a train gazing at some hills we were passing through and seeing myself, elfen-like running through the woods, up and down the hills, really loving it. I could feel the lightness in my legs and the joy of the beautiful landscape. Never did run there, and then some health issues got in the way and it all slipped away, but I'll get it back😎😈

  • I love planning my runs. Even the 5k ones. I have my "normal" 5k route for weekdays but love being able to plan for running in new places at the weekend. One minor issue is that I'm a bit of a scardey cat & jump at every noise I hear, particularly in woods but hey ho, it just adds to the challenge.

    I just need to get off of the IC now to enjoy the runs I've mapped out. ☺

    PS I do the same driving or on the train. I look at every corner as a potential running route. Lol.

  • Yes, I love my long runs too. I'm finding I speed up after 5 or 6 KM so I think that's what I shall be doing from now on.

  • I'm now planning on running to one village, back to Stratford, then out to another village on Saturday. Do-able in just over 10k according to mapmyrun. :)

  • I'm enjoying going on long runs organised by people at the club, in small groups. It's interesting to go on a magical mystery tour. It's also great to be helped in increasing my runs. The last three weeks have been 11.5, 14 (ouch) and 12 miles.

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