Feeling Excited and Nervous

Feeling Excited and Nervous

How about you SunnyMummy?

roseabi, I assume you’re fully prepared and ready to take it in your stride?

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  • I was just reading that email - I notice that the cut off time is 4 hours, so I should be alright :)

    I'm nursing a little hamstring niggle at the moment, so the plan is to take it easy on Saturday... however I probably won't :D

    How about you - feeling ready? I guarantee we will be walking up the first hill at least, it's really hard not to because everyone else will be!* Are you going to take your swimming cozzie along for the pool afterwards?

    *edit - or maybe not if you start nearer the front as per our Facebook conversation :)

  • is it too late to swap to the 10k?

  • No, but you don't need to :)

  • I have a bit of an ankle niggle - but that’s nothing new.

    Current plan is that my daughter will be driving me over on the morning - it was originally made when I was running her beagle, but beagle is not going to be well enough now - so I wasn’t going to bring my swimming stuff. Currently being very tempted by the idea of post race massage - assuming it is open to 10K-ers as well as Marathoners.

  • Poor beagle, hope is ok? Are you not running with a dog at all then?

    Looks like the massage and pool are available to all - no post-race dinner for 10k-ers though. Although I can live with that :)

    My husband is dropping me off and picking me up, so I will probably just leave straight after the race tbh.

  • Next time I do the Beachy marathon I am definitely going in the pool though!

  • She’s had an infection, and ended up having an abscess poor thing. She is definitely on the mend now, but it wouldn’t be fair to run her. So, yes, running totally dogless. Looks like it’s going to be first time for everything that day. 😀

  • Ooh, nasty - glad she's on the mend!

    It's going to be fun :)

  • Good luck everyone, enjoy!

  • Thank you!

  • Four hours! That's a bit tough innit! 🙄

    Good luck folks. Bring the bling 💪🏃‍♀️🏃🏅👍✔️🍾🥂🍰

  • Should be my last medal of the year. Although there's the Milton Keynes Winter Half (December) tempting me at the moment :D

  • That was exactly what I thought!

  • Is it calling to you? Can you ignore that siren sound? 😎


    Oh go on then 😁

    I have several races lined up before Christmas but I think there is only one medal involved, and only then if I manage to finish it

    I think there must be a medal,shortage in these parts 🙄 I take plastic 😁

  • Ha ha! :D

    Tempted, it's a great race, did it as my first hm two years ago, and I can visit the fam at the same time...

  • go on then sign up, just do it now. don't think do.....

  • Ha yes sir - it is done!!

  • Of course you can 😃

  • Good luck!

  • Thank you!

  • Good luck! You’ll have great fun and we’re looking forward to the report!

  • Thank you! Oh no... a report🤦‍♀️

  • Go for it... everyone!!!

  • Thanks Floss! 😍

  • Yep I saw this land in my inbox & weirdly the thing that panicked me was the notification that there was a 4 hour time limit 😂😂😂

  • It’s only 10k (isn’t it?). Even a half marathon is doable in that time - and I’m really slow! Now a marathon would be a different matter!

    Or is it really hilly, sort of mountain-climbing hilly?

  • Hilly but not mountain climbing hilly.

  • Haha yes totally doable - I did a trial run last week & did it in 1 hour 16 mins, but that was on my own so not tripping over anyone, but equally walking (crawling) up the first hill - which is hideous - & again around 6-7km. The thing that shocked me was that in the original info it said there was a 9 hour time limit - I think it's open to walkers too - so to see it was actually 4 hours was somehow a shock, albeit an unnecessary one!

  • There's a nine hour time limit for the marathon.

    Hi, by the way :)

  • Hi! 😀

  • 9hrs gulp! its going to be a long day on them hills for me!

  • It won't take YOU that long, runner!

  • Speedy! You’ll be fine. If we manage to meet up, I’ll try to keep you in sight 🔭

  • I know! But if you were to go for a brisk walk with a tracking app on and then do the maths you’d see you could walk it in far less than that 😁

  • Exactly! If you took 4 hours you’d be crawling along at 2.5k an hour! I can’t walk that slowly. My easy pace is 5k an hour.

  • I can only assume it's a contingency in case of twisted ankles etc? They have to have a sweep up but not set it too early.

  • That did occur to me aswell, but if I’ve hurt myself that badly surely I drop out and try and save my health. Don’t I? Please tell me I do!

  • Haha I guess it depends? I know sometimes we don't realise how badly we've hurt ourselves when the adrenaline is rushing. I've never done anything bigger than the Race For Life so far so I'm not sure how frequent the marshalls, first aid posts etc are? Let's not worry about that though!

  • You do!

  • Ooh, good luck, everyone! I shall look forward to race reports and photos of bling :)

  • Thank you!

  • Good luck everyone - be fleet of foot and come back safe!!😀

  • Thank you!

  • We should write a joint report. Has that been done before?

    No, not a report about smoking a... ;D

  • I honestly have no idea 😁

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