New shoes, now need a new ankle!

New shoes, now need a new ankle!

I have had so many ups and downs in the last month or so. My 10 mile training plan showed an issue with my old trainers (uk gear pt 03) with a bad blister at distances over 6 miles. New gait analysis and new neutral shoes (nike pegasus) which were great for no blisters but my ankle really started to ache through my runs, not bad to start with but getting progressively worse. Got to my 10 mile goal and was hoping to keep that distance but my ankle has limited my mileage. Switched back to my old trainers and ankle was miffed but it passed by and i did 5.5 miles ok. Today a debut run in my newly exchanged trainers (brooks ravenna 8 stability) and my ankle was miffed but it did pass again and I covered 5 miles. So far new shoes are better than the neutral nike Pegasus for me. So my ankle has become an issue with a bony ache between 0.8 and 2 miles where it feels weak to bring my foot up. If it is an ache I can run through it but with the pegasus it was so painful that I had to stop. It does not hurt/ache walking or at any other time. I had a ?fracture to that ankle as a child and jarred it badly in March. It is clunky too. I will be seeing my gp this week so will mention it. I do not want to hang up my new trainers!!! I have progressed so well this year that I want to keep that up. Darn those gremlins.

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  • Poor Runfasterdoyle. You must be fed up. No advice here- just sympathy!

  • Oh rfd, I hope things improve, sending you a hug 🤗, but in the meantime.....those shoes! They’re so pretty! Look at all those, like, like......😍


  • I love the colours! I have had grey pt-03 and black nike. I was feeling envious of everyone's colour. Now finally I have colour in my life yippee! Just got to sort my ankle, grrr, as they are no use on the shelf.

  • Ooh, what nice shoes! Your ankle though - have you seen a physio or possibly a podiatrist previously? You say you're going to see your GP, which is good, but you could consider a physio if no joy. You might even find it's a referred hip or knee problem, you never know. I hope you can get it sorted.

  • I know a physio so I might just ask them about it. My gp appointment is just to pick up some pills so I shall ask about my ankle while I am there on Thursday. I will still keep running but maybe not so far as 10 miles for now.

  • Love, love, love the new shoes but I’m gutted for you - you must be so frustrated. I’ve consigned my Nike Pegasus to dog walking because I couldn’t get on with them either. I do hope you get good news from the GP xx

  • I am hoping my hm idea is still an option.........

  • I really hope so too. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  • Those are lovely!

  • Lovely shoes. I hope you find a solution to your ankle problem. It might be that a podiatrist could help if you need orthotics. If not maybe a physio can help pinpoint the problem. Whatever it is I hope you can sort it soon.

  • Oh dear, how frustrating for you 😣 I do hope you get it sorted soon. Lovely shoes 😊

  • I was suffering badly with my Achilles tendon and eventually had to see a podiatrist. He made me custom insoles/orthotics that so far has lasted more than two years. The charge for the appointment and the insoles/orthotics came to less than two pairs of trainers.

    Hope you get it sorted. Running with pain very quickly leads to non-running :(

  • Did the podiatrist solve your problem or did you need other treatment ie physio?

    I am trying to keep running and hoping it will settle now I am back in stability shoes.

  • It was my physio that referred me to the podiatrist. Shortly after getting the orthotics I got completely new aches, so I went back to the physio who said that was to be expected: The insoles had altered my gait, so the muscles that previously weren't doing their job now got sore because they had to work.

    Eventually it has sort-of been sorted. My Achilles and ankles are still sore most mornings as I get ou of bed (because they've been nicely relaxed during the night and now have to stretch again), but other than that it's fine. Physio says it's not that unusual with that level of discomfort and I probably just need to learn to live with it, which I have done.

    I really hope yours settle. But if it doesn't, it's worth considering the podiatrist. It's more money, but also more expertise.

  • Thank you that is really helpful info.

  • Oh lovely new trainers! Hope you get that ankle sorted x

  • Very frustrating - have you rested it enough to let it settle properly, I wonder? Sometimes NOT unning is what is needed - in order to run again! (If that makes sense!!) ? Hope it feels better soon for you though.🙂

  • That is worth considering. I have reduced my run distance to max 6 ish miles and two runs a week. If it doesn't settle I may take a week off to see if that helps.

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