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Mike's mighty mission!!

That's the heading on the 2 A 4 sheets affixed to the inside of of the food cupboard in our kitchen.

Lying on the massage table ( like I do on a Wednesday afternoon) I sortof asked my phsio. ," K can you help an aged (and damaged) man get back into shape to undertake an off road duathlon ," I think that sounds better than K saying to me ," forget it you are ff in hopeless forget it ".

Please keep in mind that K is a Tri athlete and fitter than the proverbial ",butchers dog". So the 3 Ms was started.

I can put up a version of my MM if anyone wants. It may have been designed with more ",mature " peeps in mind but it ain't for the faint hearted.

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As a more mature runner, I'm intrigued to see what's involved in your mighty mission training plan. 🤓


Maybe it worked. See 3 MMM post


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