Mission accomplished!!

I've just got in after achieving my goal - I have just done 10k in our Race for Life this morning! I went round in the jogging group, and my jogging was pretty slow, with some walk breaks - but I found a rhythm and kept going, and after what felt like several years I came in with a time of 1:14:57. (My friend photographed me going over the finish line and he told me the time.)

So - feeling pretty tired, but stunned that I made it!

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  • That's brilliant Katie204 really well done , 1:14 isn't slow either 😊

    You should be be very proud and rightly so 😊

  • Thanks Rob! I'm going to have some chocolate now.

  • You have more than earned it enjoy 😊

  • Fantastic, give yourself a huge pat on the back!! :-)

  • Fantastic! It is a great no pressure event, walk breaks are such a help sometimes and 10k is amazing, very well done

  • Wonderful.. a terrific run and a terrific pace :)

  • Brilliant! A great achievement and for a great cause🙂

  • Aww - thanks everyone!

  • Brilliant well done!!

  • Well done you! That's brilliant. And a great time too! Bet you're still grinning 😊

  • Amazing job well done & a great time too.

    Enjoy basking in the glow of achievement. You deserve it x ☺

  • Thank you! I still have a silly grin all over my face!

  • Well done - and a great time.

  • Well done Katie on completing you mission!!! Thats an awesome time :)

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