I did my 10k!

I did my 10k at the beginning of September. It was slow, but 10 minutes faster than anything that I did in training, so I'm a very happy greylady at the moment. People keep saying about the Great North Run, but that seems an awful long way, and I just want to keep the 10k distance in my legs so to speak.. any tips as to what to do next gratefully received!

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  • Fantastic grey lady on your 10k! Great achievement. I managed to get to just over 9k on Sunday albeit on the treadmill as I wanted to watch the great north run also ( read me post for more info) . Being a Geordie I didn't want to miss it by going out. Tomorrow I'm going out to hopefully achieve my 10k.

    Anyhoo congrats again and take care.😄😄

  • Go for it! Have you thought of entering an event? I did Tees Pride 10k and it was great, and it comes with bling!

  • Hi grey lady. Yes I'm going to again enter the Hereford running festival in May but this time to do the 10k. I would love to think I could also do a half marathon,but I will be 60 in February and not to sure if I will overstretch myself,so for now I shall do a 10k.😀😀

    Happy running!😀😀

  • Well done! 🙂👍

    Now you have a ten k under your belt your running opens up before you. You can just keep going a bit further each time and maybe enter a 10k race, which would be fun 🏃‍♀️

    There's no pressure to push things so just keep enjoying your running, hopefully getting fitter as you go 🙂

  • Well done! It's a great distance and you can explore all sorts of new areas and run routes or wherever takes your fancy. Just keep to a routine and then as Misswobble says you can consider entering a race. Make sure there's bling 🎖

  • Well done you :)

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