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Just got to the point of feeling like a 'proper' runner having done my first parkrun on the very last C25K podcast and Sod's law, started with knee pain. So I've had 8 weeks forced rest/physio and now ready to rock on again.

Question. Should I start right back at W1R1 and work through the whole 9 weeks? Don't feel particularly fit although I've still been able to walk the dog every day and do weekly yoga class. But the thought of all those 60/90 second run/walk sessions isn't inspiring me to get out there.

Would welcome your wisdom :D

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  • As you're a relatively new runner I think you should start at W1R1 but if you feel ok then move on to W2R1 for your next run and then W3R1 and so on, so you move through the programme quicker but you're starting off with the run/walk. If any run feels hard then just repeat it and carry on with the "proper" programme.

    Enjoy your return and well done for getting back to it.

  • I've had knee pain for years, and 3 months after graduation, when I was ready to start moving to runs longer than 30 mins, I had a forced 2 month break from running because of my knees. When I started again I went back to W1R1. This wasn't because I had lost fitness (I stayed active doing other forms of exercise) but because, knees being the delicate things they are, I wanted to ease them back into running. I can tell you that it was frustrating - but it was the right thing to do because my knees held up, stayed strong, and I was able to complete the programme a second time without any setbacks on account of the dodgy knees.

    Think of running as a long-term journey. It's not about what you could do yesterday - it's about listening to and taking care of your body so you can be a consistent runner rather than a stop and start one thanks to injuries.

  • A lot of people ask this and I think it's good to start at say week 3 and see how it feels? Then you could progress at one week each run or as you feel able. Don't forget to increase by no more than 10% each time though.....

  • Thanks so much for your replies :) I've just completed W3R1 this morning quite easily fitness wise but a little 'iffy' knee wise so I'll take the advice and carry on from here to build my knee back up to proper fitness. Thanks guys! :)

  • Whenever I've been injured, I've done what IP suggests and started with week 1, just one session of each if it feels ok. You've obviously felt ok at week 3, so carry on! You can always go back a bit if your knee doesn't behave xx

  • Do what juju says! Start again at week 3. This says to your brain (put on American accent for this) "Hey dude, I've done this before. No biggie." - it is sensible for you as a newbie, to get back to it slowly because frankly - (here come the capital letters) THERE'S NO RUSH!!!! So plug Laura in where you're ready and just do it. And guess what - we all get injuries along the way and you will again too so don't worry. Main thing is you wanna run. Which is a good thing. Oh yes!

  • I agree with her majesty! I have had a few weeks off with a calf injury..getting back was slow and steady... do not push and at the first sign of pain... pull back :)

  • You might want to do these

    I started taking glucosamine with chondroitin for my knees after my GP helpfully said, come back when you can't walk. In months my knees were better and a few years later I started C25K.

  • I have re-introduced run-walking from time to time and that has been a life saver. It allows me to warm up and cool down with short bursts of running. I would walk for 100 double steps, counting each 10 on my fingers, then 100 double steps running. As I regained fitness, I can then Up my running, maybe to 200 with 100 walking steps. It is something you can adjust to your own needs u til you can maybe run the first km and then do some run-walking. Think that might work for you?

  • Thanks for all the replies. Looking forward to getting back out there regularly but without rushing my progress. I'll make a runner of me yet! :)

  • My wife had nigh on 6 months off for a medical reason and started back at w3 which was manageable..

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