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Post-injury twitchy

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Help me out o wise ones. On the subject of runner's knee. I (perhaps foolishly) ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon (my first, at 51) in mid-October with a twinging knee. It was so much fun. Then could hardly walk for a week. After two weeks' hobbling (esp up and down stairs) I saw a dr who said it was soft tissue damage and would heal in time. Time... Nine weeks later I can take stairs without tears, and no limping on the straight. My question - am I good to go light running? Or am I best waiting a while and if so how long might be a useful while? Thanks people.

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Hello trieste, I am so sorry that you have had pain for quite a while. Also sorry that I do not belong to the wise running one category.

I expect that you can read the signs that your body is giving you better than most. Obviously it is lovely to read of your fun completing your first HM, but I suppose your 'twinging' knee didn't think the same. I have no idea what sort of training you put in to prepare for the Royal Parks, but wonder if you have looked at one of the sister forums to this one, Marathon and Race Support. I have found it so informative. roseabi has posted lots about training for a HM including strength training for non-running days. I wonder whether a few of the strength exercises may help you be stronger when you are ready for running again and perhaps some won't aggravate your knee, although most do need one or two knees.

All the very best for your onward running journey. Many folk here have spent time on the ic, showed great patience and have returned to running in due course. Oldfloss may be someone's posts for you to read, she has spent time on the ic and if I remember found all sorts of exercise routines to continue with in the mean time. Sorry that I can't be more help. Where there is a will, there is a way they say.

Thanks so much for your thoughtful replies over61andstilltrying and Tartancat . Prep for the HM involved a handful of 5ks and 10ks in the weeks building up, and I did the distance a fortnight before. BUT I should have sought and taken advice on strengthening exercises and the lesson is learned. I actually couldn't resist heading to the park yesterday, it was exciting to get kitted out again. Jogged / walked twice round (about 3.5k). No twinging! I could feel the sensation of new tissue in the area, it will take a wee while to firm up no doubt. A joy and relief to be out there again. I will take it steady, of course. Happy Xmas!

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TartancatGraduate10 in reply to trieste

That's brilliant news! Have a lovely Christmas 🎅🎅

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over61andstilltryingGraduate10 in reply to trieste

Sounds really positive 😊 I a have such a long to do list but I just said to my husband that a run would, I hope invigorate me to press on. Planning on a gentle, slow, steady one hour. What has this running business done to me!?

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I second what over61andstilltrying has said.

I buggered my knee last year (doing too much too soon, before I'd heard of C25K, so I'm definitely not a wise one!)

Two weeks of pain, then two weeks of anti-inflammatories, then two weeks of physio and I was able to run again.

If you're now in no pain, go out and give it a try. Keep it slow and keep it short and see how you go. If you get a niggle just stop, (and might be worth seeing your GP if its persisting), but if all is well you can gradually build it up.

I'm a huge fan of knee strengthening exercises too - I still do the ones the physio gave me as part of my warm up, and haven't had an issue since.

Hope it goes well 😊

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