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What's the way forward from c25k? Would it be the 5k+ podcasts, stepping stone, speed & stamina programme? And do them in that exact order? Have had the odd stabb at going to 6k, and thinking I may have a go for 10k as Spring comes in, so can stay with the running club a tad longer and enjoy a longer run.. Is it wise to up the cross training for this, I use a stationary bike for cross training..


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  • You can download various plans and podcasts, there are some links here in the pinned posts, or you can try the + podcasts on one run and increase a little every week on a longer run. I wasn't keen on the plans personally, but lots of people like them. I guess it depends if you like a structured plan or not. In any case, the accepted advice is

    1 x intervals

    1 x maintenance 5K

    1 x long run, increasing a bit every week (no more than 10% of your total distance).

    So, this is roughly what I did, and still do, using one of the + podcasts for either the intervals or 5 KM

    Make any sense lol?

  • There are lots of plans available but for me, I tried one straight after finishing C25K and it didn't suit me, causing pain in my knees. I just decided to run 5k and slowly increase my distances - managed to get up to 10k in about 15 weeks

  • Sounds good to me, I like to do my own thing, so think I'll have a go at the gradual increase of 5k at 10% a week.. Thanks

  • Do try the + podcasts too, they are brilliant! I've knocked 14 mins off my 5 KM time with Stamina (from a pretty slow time of course, I'm not Mo!) I love Stamina and find it very hypnotic! I use it sometimes if I get tired at the end of a long run, it helps me keep going.

    Speed is good too when you don't have much time, 5 mins warm up and 6 intervals of one minute - 16 mins total so you can really cane it.

    Let me know how you get on xx

  • I got another 5k PB this week with Stamina... I've now chopped over 6 mins off my first ever 5k time. That's just in 2 months.

    I still haven't completed Speed or Stamina at the right cadence yet though!

  • You're flying! I haven't had a PB for ages, I got a virus in November that decked me, so still nowhere near what I was doing, but soon....I'd say completing them at the right cadence isn't so important, some find them too fast, some too slow, I must be baby bear as they fit me just right! Keep plugging away Stamina especially is quite hypnotic when you get into the groove! You'll get there!

  • I just try running a bit further every now and then. Have now managed to run 8k twice after building up via 6k, 6.5, 7 etc. I also still run 4k/5k and even 2k/3k but a bit faster. I cycle more now as I've got the fitness bug in general these days. I also suggest throwing strength training /different stretch exercises into the mix. I'm really wary of injury so I do back stretches to help not just my lower back but the backs of my knees, calves and ankles, which all get stretched too. I was really into doing squats at one point as well which really helped with leg strength, I think I need to pick that up again. Happy running :)

  • Yes, cross training is essential I would say. Running further requires you to be strong or injury will dog your progress. I did the Stepping Stones podcasts inside out to help me progress towards 10k and it worked. I still run them regularly. I think you are right to progress slowly and carefully. Six, then 7k all the way up to 10k. Mix up your terrains. Get off road and onto the trail

    I know I bang on about this but I use Sami Murphy podcasts the whole time. Free and kick ass music that will take you from C25k towards your 10 k goal. Free to download from a Dropbox file on here. The playlist is hereabouts too as I recall posting it. The lyrics are all chosen to motivate you and pick you up if you're struggling

    Strengthening wise I use keep fit DVD's at home, Jillian Michaels in my case. Walking, cycling, swimming, all good but work on your body is going to pay off squats, lunges, burpees, star jumps, skaters, plyo moves, yoga etc etc all going to help you toughen up

    Have fun! x

  • I use the c25k+ podcasts regularly as well, speed is used on a Wednesday, every week and then I mix up the stamina and stepping stone one. When doing a longer run I sometimes use stamina for the back end of my 10k so that it makes me pick up the pace a bit even if I cant run at the actual tempo that they say I have used to it give me a better negative split time for the back end of the 10k to help improve my overall fitness and time. I prefer a plan rather than just winging it but that's just me, I set out a plan in my head and then stick to it as best as I can.

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