Quick blast through the woods

Met up with a couple of Canicross buddies for a run this morning. I took my daughter's beagle, while daughter toddled off with her little boy and my Spaniel (she's getting better every day, but not allowed to do too much).

Both the ladies I was with are faster than I am (51/2-6min/k pace), so we did quite a lot of short sharp runs with walk breaks, which I am totally counting as an interval training session.

Ultimately we only ran just over 4K, but I really feel like I had a workout.

6 Replies

  • Sounds good! It's exhilarating trying to keep up with faster runners like that. Plus I can picture the dogs all really getting into it too. Will you be doing that again?

  • Absolutely. Might have to wait for the weather to be more consistently cool, for the dogs though.

  • Blimey... that is fast!!! Good run though!

  • It really is! Especially when you know that, on the flat, I trundle along at somewhere between 7 & 71/2 min/k.

  • Phew, bit quick for me, I would definitely be puffing at that speed! Well done for keeping up.

  • I only just kept up; the walk breaks definitely helped 👍

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