No pace, no time, no distance - just sea, sky and cliffs

No pace, no time, no distance - just sea, sky and cliffs

We're on the second leg of our three-part Tour of the South now and I'm inordinately pleased with myself because I'm still running. Today's route was a bit more "challenging" than I'm used to but it was also wonderful. In part, I think I enjoyed it so much because I had no gps - so no updates about time, distance etc. I have no idea how far I ran (not very) or how fast I went (not very) but nor do I care. It was really liberating. I'm now considering ditching the technology and just running for running's sake a bit more often.

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  • Sounds lovely, and you're right - we should all run 'just for the love' sometimes.🙂

  • Totally! 😃🏃‍♀️✔️👍

    That'll be me come Sunday 😁

  • So you have discovered REAL running!!!

  • I'm on the verge of it, I think. My husband couldn't believe his eyes when I scrambled out of the tent at 7am this morning; he and my dad are convinced I was just hiding round the corner till the bacon butties were ready. Not sure I'll ever be a 'runner' though - I still describe myself as a 'swimmer with trainers on'...

  • Oh, looks lovely.

  • I love going out without my garmin sometimes.Running for runnings' sake. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

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