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Hi all I started six weeks ago and iv been progressing well. I had a blood test done couple of weeks ago and I now have an underactive thyroid and low iron levels. At first I was determined to beat the news and now I feel unmotivated by it. I'm off on holiday next week and have decided that a week off to build my iron levels up might be a good thing ( or maybe not)

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I'm hypothyroid (on thyroxine) and have had iron problems. Taking the iron tablets will help with your energy levels and your running. I found that when they were at my worst I had trouble running after about ten min. I kept running throughout my iron treatment but if I got out of breath or it felt too much I took a walking break. I find that running helps my underavtive thyroid physically and mentally. My doctor was happy for me to keep running while my iron levels built up as long as I didn't go crazy.

Having more bloods done to determine what level of treatment I need for the thyroid but I'm on day 3 of iron tablets. I have found that some days I get out of breath easier than others so perhaps once treatment is sorted and iron tablets kick in I might find things easier. I have lost just over a stone which is much needed and I do intend to keep going. Mind over matter


Hypothyroid here as well and on 75mcg levo. Stick with it. I've found the running helps with fatigue and energy levels, sometimes the thyroid kicks me down a notch or two and the related tiredness and muscle and joint pains make me wonder if I'm crazy to try this but I just do an easier run and make sure to keep moving... Chin up, one foot in front of the other

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When I first got the news I was happy that I had an answer to why I found it so difficult. As you say it does help with fatigue. I find I have to run first thing so I know iv used what energy I have for running and crash the rest of the day.

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I agree with the keeping moving. I've just had a period of inactivity after my op and my thyroid has not liked it at all. Over time I have learnt when to take it easy and when I can push it a little. All in all though I think I handle hypothyroid on meds better with exercise in my life.


Hi trendywends I don't have problems with thyroids but definitely iron deficiency and asthma alhough I find exercise a huge boost even when I feel really tired just doing some, as others have said, picks me up. Hope you're feeling better soon and on the days when you're not feeling your best perhaps try a brisk walk because this may help. Happy holiday you should be getting all excited ☺

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Guilt is starting to set in for thinking about hanging trainers up for a week so they might work there way into the suit case for a power walk or two. Ran today but was a real struggle but completed it. Here's hoping that with some sunshine and a week into iron tablets I feel a different woman.

Well iv been quite. Didn't run on holiday as couldn't find the strength. This week I got my shoes back on and have completed week 7 feeling more energetic now the iron tablets have kicked in. Just been prescribed meds for thyroid today too so here's hoping things are looking up.

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