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Thinking out loud

I have the eldest grandsprocket tonight through to tomorrow evening. Youngest grandsprocket daytime Monday, followed by eldest grandsprocket Monday night through to Tuesday evening.

Normally, if I've run the day before having 'EG', I'd do my next run after dropping him off tomorrow evening, but a look at the weather app tells me it is going to be hot all day tomorrow. Currently it is a bit overcast outside and definitely cooler than yesterday. So my plan at the moment is to get changed and head over to my son's place, pausing to run by the river on the way. Yes, even though I ran yesterday morning.

If it is actually too hot to run I'll stop, go for a walk, and run Sunday instead

*pokes at plan*

Run today -> Loooong run Sunday -> start week 8 Tuesday evening or Wednesday AM^

Run Sunday -> Loooong run Wednesday AM^ -> start week 8 Friday.

^Then I remembered I have workmen coming Wednesday. So let's make that really early Wednesday morning.

Somewhere in there I have to bake before Wednesday...

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You know you're a runner when running is a priority and you start doing unusual things to try to fit runs in. Sounds as if you're at that stage!


Been there for a couple of couple months now, I think... But I'm within 7 workouts of finishing my 5k-10K app now, and the idea of having to wait to do the next run? No. No waiting.


Haha! That sounds familiar. Us runners can be very creative at squeezing in our runs 🤗


Sometimes you really have to be. My only non running day is Thursday (because husband is home) but sometimes he sends me out anyway because he can see me champing at the bit.


The joys of planning runs, then rearranging them, then if your me stomping your feet because the weather is scuppering your plans because the BBC have changed the forecast in the last few days😀 We are adaptable as runners aren't we. 😀. Hope you get out ok.

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We are! Think I might have to have a very early start tomorrow if I want to beat the heat, that's now forecast, with dog (even if we only walk).


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