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Great Scottish Run 10K

Hello, this is my first post on the 10k forum. I graduated from the Couch 2 5K plan in October last year and have been steadily running ever since. I'm now looking for a new running challenge, and am thinking of signing up for the Great Scottish Run 10K on 1st October. Has anyone done it?

I'm regularly covering between 6.5 and 8k on my runs at the moment, so I think by gradually increasing my distance I can build up to 10k without too many problems. Any tips though would be great!

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Hi there. I did the GSR last year and a couple of times before. Go for it. It's well organised and the atmosphere is great. The worst part is coming out of George Square as it's up hill and busy so it can take a wee while to settle into your own pace. I'm planning on doing the 1/2 this year to push me on but I do love the 10K distance. Go for it! 🏅🏃

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I'm a long way from Scotland I'm afraid but if you already do regular runs of 8k then you will have no problem running a 10k. Get signed up - the Great Run series is fab and you won't regret it (think of the bling!)🙂

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Thanks both for the replies. I really loved the last race I did, which had around 1,000 participants, so this would be my biggest event by a long way!

You're definitely convincing me!


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