Major Slow makes 8.5 km!

Had it not been for taking a phone call from She Who Must Be Obeyed mid-run (involuntarily coz my new phone auto-answered!) this would have been a new PB but it's logged as two separate runs. However I KNOW I could have done it. Well, perhaps :-)

Unfortunately I was pipped on the line by a couple of tortoise - or should that be tortoiseS? (if only I'd had an education) - out for their post-lunch stroll. I reckon at this rate I'll be our for the whole day to achieve 10k!

Still, the goal is in sight and I don't seem to be suffering knee pain by running two longer runs rather than three shorter ones.

I'm going to try and improve my pace with some slug racing next week but I need to do some more training in the mean time to increase my chances of success.

Wish me luck!

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  • This post made me laugh 🤗

    Whoop whoop well done! 8.5K is fab regardless of speed. The distance is the same. Good luck!

  • Hehe I didn't know you could get your phone to auto answer, if it was me you'd just get a load of heavy breathing 😀. Well done in 8.5km you'll get to 10km no problem.

  • Yeay!!! Well done you... and we KNOW, also that you could have done it!!

  • Watch out; slugs can be deceptively speedy little slitherers.

  • Its OK, I've negotiated a head start....

  • I passed a chap on crutches and oxygen on the trail yesterday. I wish I could say I'd left him in the dust...

    ...however, the merit of being slow is that you don't really need to stop to take a phone call. I get a kick out of not telling someone I'm running. Depends on the training regime but aren't we supposed to be able to talk for most runs?

  • "aren't we supposed to be able to talk for most runs?"

    Good point! - Yes.

    Am I able to talk for most runs?


    Should I be concerned?


    Am I concerned?

    Definitely not! :-)

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