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How early for a dark run?

The light mornings are here and my headtorch has not been out for a while now. It kept me on my feet in the winter mornings so I am grateful. Have a busy few days and woke up at 4 am so decided to go out and run in the dark. A lovely plod so I kept going and reached my planned 5k. Don't start work until 9 am so thought I might as well plod on to 10k! Felt great. Does a run ever give you a surprise? I wasn't planning to feel good at ridiculous o'clock but a great run. No time at the weekend, so just as well!!

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Blimey.. you are fantastic!!!

I was awoken by the wind, here on the coast, and I was glad to be snugged up in bed!!!

Wow what a run...10K, just like that :) I loved the first pikkie you posted of you, and the head torch!!!

The early run , I had last week, ( not compared with yours) mine was 5.30... was lovely...just me and no-one else around!

What a great way to start the weekend.. hope it is a good one :)

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Good for you 😃 Sounds ideal that does

I don't run early very often but i have been known to head out pre dawn. Being out at sun up is lovely

I am often out on the streets at stupid o'clock with the dog though 🙄

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I don't think I have ever woken up voluntarily at 4am (and if I do I turn over and go back to sleep😎), let alone run at 5 in the morning. Mind you I'm out on work days at 6 and might consider it if I had to squeeze a run in. I'm not missing the dark mornings yet either, although I quite enjoy them. Have to adjust my head torch before the next winter though, i never really got on with it.

Well done you!

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