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10K gradation vs DIY and wind!

Hi everyone - I graduated from couch to 5k last June - I remember putting something on the other forum about lessons learned (something about eating insects and conversations with Laura!). I had built up to 7K by September last year, but struggled to get any further due to issues with my back and hips. I also basically exhausted myself by trying to maintain 3 runs a week, pilates, swimming, dog walks and lots of other activities. So I gave myself a 2 week break over Christmas, went to see a Chiropractor and then gently started to build up from 5K again since the new year.

I was really close a couple of weeks ago as I'd managed 9K but then started on a big programme of DIY and gardening.... my body simply could not keep up with running + lots of other physical activity so something had to give. I might not have run for a week but my garden does look a lot nicer!

Decided this morning to get up early and see how far Southsea seafront actually is...have always wanted to know (and for anyone who knows this area, I ran from the Eastney toilet block down to the hot walls past Clarence pier, which was 5k)... then back again! The sun, surf, music - all perfect so just kept on going. Apart from upon turning around after 5K I hit the darn Westerly wind but I was so determined by that point even that was not going to put me off.

So now I'm chuffed as a badger that 1) I've finally done it 2) enjoyed every second of it and 3) am finally learning how to balance everything so I don't get too exhausted. I'm looking forward to the race for life 10K in July... kinda thinking I'd like to do 10k a few times more before then though, but may finish off some of the DIY before I try again! Not sure if I'm going to be able to stop smiling today......

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Congratulations! That great,and a lovely positive post to read!Smile away!! 😆 I've done Southsea on GSR but the wind has been fairly kind on those days luckily!😊


Brilliant run, terrific post! The first of many 10ks it sounds!


Well done!!!! :)


You've cracked it :) Maybe better to be into the wind on the way back than on the way there - you've got no choice by then! Good cautionary tale about not overdoing all the other superhuman things we do around running too. Enjoy clocking up all those 10ks, and hope that smile is still firmly glued on :)

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What a fantastic run! It sounds lovely. Well done for getting your 10k. I have a race for life 10k in July too. They always look like fun. I was considering dropping to 5k so my 7 year old could run with me but that is still in discussion!


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