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Week 3, Run 1

The problem of whether to do my scheduled 20 minute run before or after slow run with friend was solved by friend texting me last night to tell me she had a raging sore throat.

Did 20 minute run with a different friend. Had to negotiate the stupid gates near the river, and jog on the spot a couple of times to accommodate the dogs, but I am definitely counting it as that run 'done'.

Also? She lent me her German Shorthaired Pointer for a few minutes when we were walking/jogging back to our cars and it was awesome being pulled along. \o/ Though I didn't get the feeling that I could run all day like I did with the English Pointer I ran the other day.

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Sounds like a run to me:) It must be really great fun, and interesting too, running with different dogs! :)

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Dogs are all their own people, it is so much fun. πŸ˜€


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