Time off today I think

I am still following my asics 10k plan and have 4 weeks left to go to the event. I did parkrun on Saturday and then in the afternoon went to a beavers wacky races event where there was a mum's sprint race dressed in the child sized wacky car! Obviously i was up for the challenge and came in 2nd to another mummy runner. However my knee stiffened up in the evening and is a bit stiff still now but no pain. 15years ago I fractured my kneecap from a hockey injury and had surgery. My knee has had little problems since which is fab. I have done a long dog walk this morning and put it on the asics plan so under paced. I am hoping it sorts out for Thursdays 6 miler. I feel like I am cheating the plan and myself by not running today, argh the guilt!

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  • Good luck!

  • Better not to run than to run and end up doing yourself an injury. You're off longer then. And what's one day, or one week in the great scheme of things?

  • I know one day is just that but I feel guilty about it! This week I am due to up distance back to 6 miles for the next three weeks and I need it to go well. Event is not long now! So hoping it is ok for Thursday.

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