Running tourism and dawning realisation

Running tourism and dawning realisation

I got to run in Cologne this morning. I'm really enjoying this running tourism and it's turning into one of the highlights of any business trip. I marched out of the hotel in all my gear, walking across the cathedral square as part of my warm up walk. Loads of people around and I just didn't care (that's changed since this time last year). Then down to the Rhine and a gentle trot along the banks of this mighty river. They've developed the old harbour area into a trendy, modern, arty area and there is a lovely straight promenade which is ideal for runners. I'd scouted the area the evening before, when there were loads of runners, this morning at 06:30 was much quieter, but there were still a few around.

The aim of my run was to try and stay in the "recovery" zone and basically see if I could keep my heart rate down, which meant going slowly. It also means working on form is easier. Despite being horribly slow I felt like a proper runner, after all everybody could see I was on a recovery run and was taking things very easy. I blew it a bit at the end as I ran up the hill from the river to the cathedral, but otherwise I really did a gentle trot - and it was very enjoyable. I am slowly realising that there is no point in going hell for leather all the time, and recovery runs are supposed to be good for you. I probably need a plan, but I'll play around on my own for a while.

My new watch has rewarded me by saying on my current form I have the potential to run 5k in 27 minutes and 10k in under an hour. Both of these things are miles off, but it's nice being told that it may actually be possible. If I get the knack of recovery runs.

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  • That looks really picturesque. I'm getting running view envy again! And impressed at you getting out so early especially after travelling and in an unfamiliar environment! Did you already mention which watch you got? I've been dipping into ebay looking at garmins...

  • The running early is just a habit I've got into. In fact I can normally have a bit of a lie in when traveling because I stay in hotels close to the office. And I do try to walk the area before I run it (doesn't always work).

    And it's a Garmin Forerunner 235.

  • Do you use the Strav Global heat map to see popular running routes? - here . Zoom in to any area

  • No, the popular running routes are normally miles away from where I'm staying. I tend to just look on google maps to see whether there are any parks close by. If it's a 2 day trip I'll try to run on the second day and reccy the area on the first. I'll also ask at the hotel whether the parks I've identified are safe! I'd been to Cologne as a non-runner about 6 years ago, and recognized the area once I got there. It's part of the adventure exploring new places.

  • Wow!great bonus of your trip, you are very adventurous! 😊

  • I've always loved exploring new areas, mostly walking though. Just heading out of the door and following your nose. With Google Maps you can't really get lost these days!

  • Unless you are my husband :)

  • Running tourism is the best! Well done on your run, it looks fab :) I'm impressed as well that you got three photos in here though - did you use Layout first?

  • I got myself an app where you can put photos together. It does what I want and cost nothing ("Livecollage " it's called - there may be better things out there!)

  • Brilliant - I will check it out. Thank you :)

  • Running tourism is the best!

  • Great post thank JSS! So kind of work to take you to places you can runπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

    I am getting watch envy!

  • That would be really great, but it's only an occasional perk of the job. Training courses and meetings allow me to travel, not very exciting. And most of the time I'm just stuck at my desk😰😩

  • But when they do, it would be rude not to take the opportunity. Enjoy whenever you can πŸ˜ƒ

  • That sounds such a beautiful run, just perfect. No rush, lovely views, your own time, just perfect πŸ€—

    I love Cologne. My husband went to school there although he's not German. His dad was stationed there way back so it has very fond memories for him.

    I love reading about your running tourism - keep it coming.

  • That is simply beautiful!!! What a wonderful run... I love doing these runs with folk.. makes me feel like I am with you :)

    I am doing a 10K revisited plan.. only just finished Week 2, but there are recovery runs in there..It is full of new concepts for me, but I feel i am already getting some benefits :)

  • I'm not very good at plans - which is probably why I'm all over the place with my running! But I can see myself doing something soon - I'm just a bit worried about the summer here, as I don't run well in anything over 20 degrees C and over 25 is almost impossible (well it was last year). I don't want to commit to a plan and then be defeated by the weather. But maybe I can cope better this year, I certainly no longer go tomato/beetroot red after normal runs. Well, only light maroon 😈

  • I like maroon...:)

    Well, this is a gentle plan.. ( well... I am doing it so it must be.. ) It was in Women's Running Mag... the May edition.. ( there was a photo of Aliboo and brother Paul in there too !)

    Not sure if you saw my post about it on Bridge to 10K forum...It has runs and exercise and rest days... I am having the most trouble with the rest days... I am always whizzing around ...

    I am enjoying it... and that is what it is all about... :)

    But the heat..yes.. in France last year I was having to get out so early!!! I don't think I will be having the heat issues in North we have sold our tin-tent... the sea breezes that are in the area of our new little holiday home are.. errr.... fresh!!!

  • Great photos, looks a good place for a run. Your run sounded very relaxing with time to take in the views. :)

  • What a lovely inspiring post & a great choice for a run! I've been to KΓΆln often on school trips & have walked by the river - it's a great city. I've only just graduated from C25K but have already indulged in running tourism in France & Cornwall as well as discovering a fab canal path & arboretum trail in my own county. Wishing you many happy tourism runs!☺

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