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Well not sure why but tried last night to slow it down first 1/2 a k was feeling strange but ok then i got a pain in my hip only a niggle to start .

Still did it under the time allowed for this particular run as the time are very slow had a soak in the bath which did not really help so took 1 ibufren tab and went to bed .

today does not feel to bad will have to see how it goes no run today on plan next one tomorow will have to see how i feel before i run and if it hurts will stop and give it another day or 2

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Myasics is a racing plan! Bridge to 10k should be undertaken slowly and carefully. If you push too hard, too oon you will hit the buffers

There are Bridge to 10k plans. I,love Sami murphy one, which is free and on here


I see what you are saying here Missw. Build distance or speed, not both at the same time. Doing both at the same time often ends on the IC.

I used sami to help me get to 10k. Slow and steady. I only ran with sami once or twice a week, otherwise I found it too much. Even used her at parkrun.

I am now working on speed but only on my shorter runs. To be honest i will never be a fast runner. But for me thats secondary. If i enter an event my aim is to finish the distance, I dont much care about speed. If I did, i wouldnt run.

My thinking is, if I come last I save others the embarrassment 😀👍🏼


Over the past few years I have followed plans which require me to run at different paces - from slow to FAST!! :) Not that this has made me a great runner - but I do seem to have the ability to run at a wide range of paces from 4 mins per K to 9 mins per K :) ( obviously the faster , the shorter :) ) - but I have been noticing lately that a lot of people I run with only seem to have one pace. If i ask them to pick up the pace at the end of a run they seem unable to do it - and sometimes I ask them to speed up their running cadence/take shorter steps and they don't seem to be able to do that either.


Maybe they are like me Bazza, my run, my pace, nough said!


Hi just read my post and it seems that its only the begin and the end the middle is missing

the main reason for the post was to say i had a pain in my hip which started for no reason i can see and gradually got worse as i ran i had to do walk/run to finish the distance .

I did not push to hard as i did not want to make things worse .

As i said only difference form my other runs was that i went slower did not feel as though i twisted or jarred my hip


Are you building distance since graduation? If so any issues will become more apparent.

I would probably try to establish the exact pain area to try to understand it more, and if necessary see a sports physio for full diagnosis and treatment plan.

It might be simply that your hips are tight now yoy are running more and need to do more stretches. But it could be lots of things so better to be safe than sorry.


yes jacs-w i will seek advise if it persists the program i have is actually much slower and shorter distance than the c25k

I thought since i had completed the 5 k i would give the this program a go as i thought on this program i would be running slower and for less distance give my body time to catch up as i have done 4 or 5 , 5ks since i finished c25k

Only difference is this one is 4 runs a week as apposed to 3 but to be honest i did every other day while doing c25k and did not have any issues


Sometimes its what has already been done that catches up. I did a mix of fast intervals, hill repeats and regular 5k etc, i was ok and then suddenly wham, knee injury! Im more careful with my programme of runs now, i was on injury coach for 5weeks 😩 I dont want that again. Good luck👍🏼


I'd strongly advise against running without a rest day (which 4 days a week implies) until you've run a lot more miles. As in, wait. Too much too soon is what gets people on the injury couch time and time again. The only time I've been there is after a period of running 4 days a week. That could just be a coincidence, but I think you're better off being safe than sorry.... even if the slow pace might have triggered something because you're landing slightly differently or whatever.


thanks runningnearbeirut as usual your right

I do think maybe trying to run slow may have affected my stride i can only hope thats all it is.

Its been 24 hours now and i do not feel to bad a bit of discomfort when i walk but nothing while resting

will wait and see what tomorrow evening brings if any discomfort will wait another day if ok i will run tomorrow but if it hurts will stop and walk this time


Possibly a tight hip flexor and / or a tensor fasciae latae. Did you do a post run stretch or foam rolling? Another thing is do you sit down at work as part of your job? I've had hip problems recently and it was down to the above. Taken me a number of weeks to resolve it with foam rolling, target stretches and exercises to strengthen the gluteus medius.


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