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I’ve had a slight ankle niggle since the middle of the week. Wasn’t too much of a problem after my intervals on Thursday so I decided to run Saturday, but cut my distance back to 10K from the 15k I did last week.

Because that’s what sensible people do isn’t it. They run 10K on a dodgy ankle.

To nobody’s surprise I can barely walk today so lots of RICE going on. I’m getting the expected sympathy at home - “stupid t**t” was my better half’s considered assessment.

Hopefully will be okay after a few days rest. Not sure why I’m posting as you’re all to sensible to have done what I’ve done so not a lesson you need to learn.

The good thing is I’ve been able to get my feet up this afternoon and watch the rugby 👍

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We all do daft things, Tony! Hope the ankle settles down fairly soon. ❤️

tony_aGraduate10 in reply to mountaindreamer

Thanks, I’m sure it will. I think there are niggles you can ignore and ones you need to listen to. I’m learning which is which, but sometimes the hard way 😀


You have my full sympathy, my ankle went after running my first 10k 2 weeks ago! I couldn't walk on it, rested it, ice, etc. Tried a short run after a week, the run felt fine but ankle sore after. Have left another week, strengthening exercises/stretches, ice, bought a decent ankle support. It's definitely improving but waiting until l can't feel anything before l run again.

Where abouts is your pain? My is inside just under the ankle bone, something to do with the tendon l think. Hoping it will sort without further intervention.😕

Good luck ☺

tony_aGraduate10 in reply to Abaggs

Mine is right on top. Can walk on tiptoes with no pain but moving my foot is painful. Definitely tendon or muscle (narrows it down eh 😂).

Good luck. Hope you get yours sorted soon.


I am quite certain that adrenalin comes into play when running and tends to "mask" pain while on the run. I guess this happens only up to some point - after which we become much more aware of the pain. I fractured my foot 12 months ago and it took over 6 months to heal. Even then my final Xray had the word "incomplete union" written on it and today the foot still often reminds me . However it only seems to "remind" me when I am sitting around or slow walking - I never feel it when running!! :)

tony_aGraduate10 in reply to Bazza1234

I think that’s true. Barely felt it running and did my best time up the hill into the village. But sure am feeling it today.

Fractured foot sounds like a nightmare but good that it’s not stopping you running.


I hope it feels better soon, keep at it with the RICE...

tony_aGraduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks ju-ju. A day at my desk has helped immensely (weekends with small kids make RICE tricky) so I reckon I’ll be back out there doing something else silly in no time 😀.


Ouch! Hope it improves soon! Take care ….

tony_aGraduate10 in reply to oldwheezer69



Ahhh, memories... l forced myself to run through foot pain and also had to rest afterwards. Rested for 13 weeks with costly help from a physio. Hope yours isn’t as dramatic. If something hurts, you don’t keep on running, you stop.

tony_aGraduate10 in reply to mrrun

😀 Some lessons just have to be learnt the hard way don’t they?

I’m back to pre-run discomfort levels now so I’m hopeful I’ve not done anything too bad. Will keep resting until pain free and then go very steady to test it out.

Sensible? ha ha he ha ha

I've been running with a dodgy knee for a couple of weeks, varying times, distances, knee support no support.

I didn't go through all this pain over 9 weeks to stop running for a while with the possibility of not starting again.

Know exactly where you're coming from! 😁😁

tony_aGraduate10 in reply to JohnTR

That’s the thing isn’t it. If I rest for every niggle I’ll never run. I guess with experience you learn which you can ignore and which you can’t. 😀

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