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Hi all,

This is my first post here. I've been up and down the last few months with the running after completing 5k last year. Glad to say I haven't given up and have recently completed my first 10k. Just bought some new shoes with a view to train for a half marathon. I've missed reading all the posts and the help and support of the forums so it's nice to be back :)

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  • I got to 10k early this year and have my first 10k event early June. I am thinking about 10 miles or hm from June but have no specific event. Do you have an event in mind?

  • No I don't have a specific event in mind yet. I've just created a My Asics plan which has me running a half-marathon distance by 20th August (we will see haha!) I'm going to look around and see how I get on. I've had a quick look on Find a Race and there are quite a few in September; Abersoch would be my nearest. I'll let you know depending on how I get on. Good luck with your 10k!

  • Love to hear how you get on with the training as I hope to follow your footsteps soon.

  • Welcome back! I'm also working up to a half-marathon, but under my own steam. I can't see me doing longer runs before work (and I don't like running after work) so basically I'm limited to one long run at the weekend. I reached 15k last Sunday and will increase slowly. Basically I just want to see what distances this old body is capable of!

  • Thank you 😊 it's nice to be back. Yes I think that's my intention really just to see how much I can do. I have signed up for a 10K now too which will be in October. My training plan for the half marathon starts on Tuesday which is a good job really as I've been down with a cold and hayfever since last Weds. If I do OK with it I will enter an event in the future. Good luck with your running 😁.

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