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I've not posted for a while but I'm still running. I have found the weeks since graduating at the beginning of the month more challenging than any part of the C25K programme.  I initially struggled with continuing to run for 30 minutes as I lacked motivation floundering with knowing really why I had taken up running and what I wanted from it. I hadn't thought beyond completing the programme which I'd done as a 'project' while my husband was away for a few months. I got some encouragement from you guys and I did a Parkrun in 33 minutes, I dragged my husband or daughter out with me on my regular runs thinking that I'd be less likely to stop and walk for a bit if either of them were with me and i took your advice just consolidating at the 30 min/5k mark.  

I am now in a good pattern of three runs like this a week and last week I started making one of those a longer run having seen that this is a pattern many of you seem to adopt. I've been able to comfortably run 7k without stopping as my long run. Other than on this run I've ditched the phone and it's apps just using my watch as a guide that I've done about 30 mins, I choose my route according to my mood and have just got much more relaxed about the whole thing. 

I liked the regular goals and the structure of the programme so I initially missed that, I also missed the regular progress and I was anxious not to slip back and lose the progress I had made. I'm loving trying different routes and because I'm not worried about speed I'm happy to tackle hills because I just go REALLY slowly and it is making me stronger and keeping me interested.  I think that really I want to add distance, I don't think I'm worried too much about speed as distance will be my route to get out further into the lovely countryside and of course my four legged companion is very keen.

So, I am still going, I'm settling down and beginning to actually enjoy the runs on a regular basis and I love the fact that running like this has made me feel so much better.

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  • The post graduation period can be a difficult time , loss of Laura and guidance . 

    The important thing is to find out what suits you and you enjoy and it sounds like you have done that and are benefiting in ways beyond the physical . 😊

    Well done and Keep on doing it your way 😊

  • Lovely running there Getupandgo, really well done! Are you tempted to sign up for race? Great Parkruning too😊

  • Glad to read you found a new source of motivation for the post-graduation period... and, more importantly, that you are enjoying it. Go you! 🙂

  • Great post...and so helpful to me...So many things I can completely identify with...I wish I had found you sooner! 

     I am trying to build up distance a little... am up to 6.92K. The distance increase is just for me, no other agenda. :)

    Usually I run three times a emergencies...:) I still like the odd C25K+ podcast,( especially Speed),  because I miss Laura, but like you, go out now without her aid. 

    I am varying my routes too, with no pressure. I look at the weather and like you... what do I fancy doing? 

     It was good to read your post and it has encouraged me, as the other posts on here do, to run my own path. 

    Thank you so much.. maybe post again please?

  • Hi, I feel exactly the same. I haven't posted much about my runs recently as there doesn't seem much to say, but I am also loving the freedom of making my mind up what I want to do, when I want to do it, and listening to my own music when I want to, and running in silence when it suits me. Again building up distance slowly, but mainly enjoying feeling fitter, healthier and stronger. Lovely post.

  • The no-pressure bit is wonderful...a bit like how I feel...I can do what I like...'cos I am old enough! 😉

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