Bridge to 10k w1.....again

Back running today after my calf injury. I've had a few weeks off and have been quite apprehensive about starting again. Decided to start the B210k programme again, seeing as I only got to day 1 the last time and tore my calf muscle! Anyway today was very very hard going. I did the 1st two 10 min runs but struggled with the other two. But at least I have made a start. The calf has held up as well. Only concern now is that I have missed a lot of training time for the 10k I have signed up to on 4th June and I'm beginning to doubt that I will make it. But I will keep plodding away and see where I am in a couple of weeks. 😊😊

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  • You're not starting from scratch, so I reckon it's possible to get to 10k in 6 weeks. Or just see how far you get and run/walk the race, if necessary. Good luck - and remember it's supposed to be fun!

  • Thanks. I hope to run it anyway☺

  • You've still got time, but don't rush it as that might aggravate your old injury. I reckon anyone who can run 7K in training can run the 10K on the day and I'm pretty sure you can reach 7K before 4 June!

  • Thanks for that. Yes, 7k doesn't seem that far off so that's encouraging!

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