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Big Toe Hole

Evening all and Happy Easter Had two days in London eating and drinking merrily so will be back running over the weekend!!!

Not why I'm here - I have recently bought some new shoes and after a month or so noticed that they are wearing through where my big toe goes - I've googled it and someone suggests that keeping toenails short helps and they are the correct size

Does anyone else have this problem?



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It sounds like your shoes are too small for you. Running shoes should be at least a half size bigger than your normal shoes, mine are a full size bigger. Can you take yours back as they shouldn't have worn so quickly. But yes, definitely keep the toe nails cut short!

Enjoy your weekend in London

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Cheers for your message - They are the correct size as I had them fitted at Sweatshop by a specialist!!

Someone on another forum suggested going to a cobbler and seeing if they can see an extra panel into it - Might do that tomorrow!!!

Have a great weekend

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It suggests that you are lifting your toe when you run, too (I do this sometimes). If you are thinking of doing longer runs, it wouldn't hurt to be more consious of when you do this and of trying to correct it, otherwise you may find you will be turning your toenails black and having them fall off...


Yes me, constantly! I think it's our toes turning up. Dorsiflexion or,summink πŸ˜ƒ Apparo, as you get older your big toes get stiffer and turn up as we run. All my running shoes now have big toe holes. Saucony has been the flimsiest so far . The lighter the upper, the quicker they go through. I keep my nails short but it doesn't make any odds

Once a hole has formed it's ok. I have learned to live with it.

Most uppers now are thin as folks want lighter and lighter shoes. All,my shoes are at least a half size bigger

some shoes are too shallow ! I trained for,a,HM in some and ended up,losing my toe big toe nail. Last September that was and it's not right yet.

A roomy toe box is the Holy Grail,πŸ˜ƒ


Oh by the way, you can't know until you have run in the shoe for a few times how you will get on . Take them back and swap them πŸ™‚


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