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Just like Irish-John it is time for me to move forward. Early in December I managed a run of 7.1km but since then distance has been tricky, mainly because all my routes have become so muddy & slippery I can only just squeeze 5km out of our little village! However, a little bit of research by hubby highlighted footpaths extending towards the next village so a couple of weeks ago I explored and managed a 6.4km run, would only have been 5k but I tried to sneak down the farmers drive but he caught me and I had to turn around and go back 😬.

Today I bravely set off again, across the farm, carefully sticking to the footpath πŸ˜€, across to the back lane, around the neighbouring village and then back across the farm from the other end to home. 7.75km in 55 minutesπŸ˜€πŸ˜€. I am so chuffed with myself even though I had jelly legs again for the first time in ages πŸ™„

I plan to run for 30 minutes twice a week, all that work permits really, then alternating 5km (aiming for speed) and distance runs (gradually increasing) at the weekend. I love listening to my own music and really don't want to go back to a podcast. Much happier with own thing really. Does this sound like a sensible plan or is there a better way?

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  • It certainly does. Many of us bridged from 5 - 10k by doing two shorter runs and one longer run each week. You may find you get there quicker if you do one long run aevery weekend and keep one of your two shorter runs to focus on speed. If you are nearly at 8k then you are pretty much there. I found that once I got to 8, 10k didn't feel much different. I also love to listen to my own music and chose not to use any kind of podcast. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  • Good to know others have achieved it that way. Will play the weekend run by ear. Will probably need to consolidate this distance before moving on. If it's raining β˜”οΈ 5km will be plenty πŸ˜€

  • Well done, great time particularly with rough tracks etc. Your plan sounds good to me! :) I still can't seem to increase my pace and the quickest I have done 5k is 32 minutes but that was a race and flat!

  • That is quicker than my 5km so I still have room for improvement. Best so far is just under 34 minutes. Woulkd really love to do it in 30 mins though πŸ˜€

  • Well my usual time is around 35 minutes, especially on trails. I am intending to do the 'speed' podcast once a week to see if that helps. Some strengthening would probably help too but I am REALLY bad at doing that!!

  • That just sounds painful πŸ˜±πŸ˜€

  • It sounds like a good plan! You can occasionally throw in a speed/interval session, and hills, although I detest them, are always good for us! Is it possible for you to drive or get the bus to a different area for the odd run? When I started running one of the things I liked was the idea that I could just run out of the door. Now I enjoy going to different places for a change sometimes. I'm very lucky to have a trail near me that finishes almost on my doorstep, and has bus stops along its route, so I can get the bus up and run back down. That's fun.

    Here's hoping the weather starts to improve soon and all the tracks dry up! Happy running :)

  • I like the idea of catching the bus then running home! Sadly we don't have many buses and I don't think they go anywhere useful. My route is never flat anyway although I confess to dodging the biggest hills!

    Once all is dry I can run for miles along the sea wall. As long as I remember my phone I can always ask someone to come and get me if I can't run back πŸ˜€

  • It sounds like the the perfect plan - two 'normal' ie 5k or interval runs, and a weekly increasing 'long' run is how I and many others got there. Consolidation (increasing by 1k every other week) is also a great idea. You are actually so nearly there and will be at 10k before you know it.

  • Welcome in the big school! I followed exactly the same plan when I bridged from 5 to 10k. Worked out well. I tried all the NHS podcasts, but never really felt they fitted my needs, so I also used my own music.

    Good luck oldpossum!

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