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Bit of a 10K surprise today!

Have almost finished my training for a HM in April - got one longrun left to go. Last week I did a 20 K longrun which was supposed to be anywhere from 30secs to 1 minute per K slower than my goal HM pace ( which happens to be my HM PB) . Anyway, I didn't particularly "go for it" as such , but I finished up completing the 20K at only 10 seconds per K slower than my goal pace. Today I went out to do 10K at equal to or better than my goal HM pace - and finished up setting a 10K PB. This has surprised me because it was just a training run - I haven't really done many 10K races as such - but my previous 10K PB has come from a proper race. This was just a training run meant to prove to myself that I can still run my HM PB pace over 10K. I don't want to revise my HM goal - and intend to slow down a bit for the race itself. I really only want to do the distance "easily" and not set any new PB.

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Brilliant run Bazza! Clearly your training programme is working well! Inspirational 👍🏼😀💪🏻🏃🏻


Well done - sounds like all the hard work is paying off.


Well done you Bazza. The many miles are having an effect :)


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