Unexpected 10K

I tried to run a 10k about 10 days ago but had to stop and walk twice just for a minute. Over the last couple of weeks I have struggled to get out more than twice a week - life gets in the way sometimes.

So last night I went out for a slow 5k run. Well it worked and 3k out I thought I would carry on outbound. I got to 5k and turned around thinking I would see how far I could get back without stopping.

I got all the way back and ended up running 10.1k without stopping :)

It wasn't fast 1 hour 10 minutes but I did it.

Can I have my badge please?

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  • Super stuff Stef, well done.

  • Well done! And you weren't slow either!

  • Wow, well done. I'd question what fast is - at the moment I can do 8k in the same time! (my excuse is it was very windy!)

  • Yay, well done you! Congratulations with the badge Stef :)

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