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Weekly chat 13th to the 19th March 🏃🏃🏃

Hi everybody,

Please feel free to share your runs here and chat about how it's all going,

Sometimes we don't feel like putting a whole post up but just want to share something small, so this is a great place for doing that during the week.

If youre a lurker it is a great place to say a little hi without the pressure of a full post.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week !

Ju Ju xxx

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Mostly a lurker. last week's runs:

Tuesday: 6.8k at 6.42min/km

Thursday (went a bit mad) 11.2k at 6.54min/km

Sunday 5.9k at 6.05min/km. personal best for 5k 30.25, 1 mile 9.11 and 2 miles 19.08.

Then after lunch walked the dog and pruned the triffid in the front garden.

Rest day today

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I'm a frustrated lurker this week. Had a lovely mid week run on Thursday morning then went down with gastroenteritis that night and have barely left the house since 😞 Thought I might get out for a short run at least today but feeling wobbly again this morning 😬 Hubby and I have both had it and I suspect this is all because people working with him don't wash their hands after using the loo 😡😡 what is the matter with people !

Rant over - I will return to sulking on my sofa for another day and dream of 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


Get well soon OldPossum :) it's good in a way to sometimes 'miss' running :)

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Last week I did 32 klms - 20 as run/walk, 5 as non-stop parkrun (PB attempt) , and 7 as a doddle with two other Septuagenarians at my local running club :) So this week, I will be doing much the same - except the slow 20K longrun will be replaced by a 10K HM goal pace run (7:00 mins/k) and a 5K getting down to the local "fitness" track where I play around with the outdoor gym machines :)

I am kind of looking forward to completing this HM in April - I want to get back to doing some long and slow non-stop running. I can run longer, faster and easier using run/walk - but I can't help but feel that it is a bit like taking the path of "least resistance". Long slow running is painful both in the legs department and mentally - but runners do it for a reason.


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