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11K run, in short sleeves!

Todays effort felt really good! 11k in 1 hour 10 mins And I went out in short sleeves as I can't bear feeling hot and restricted. I don't have any short sleeved running tops so I 'borrowed' one of the husband's cycling tops. It worked a treat so I'm going to get more. And they were only £4.99 from Decathlon! How's everyone else doing this Sunday?

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That's a pretty good time!


I've just got back from a run - I managed 9.4km, but it took me 1 hr 15 mins. It was quite blowy out there, especially by the River Thames - but at least I had a following wind for some of the way!


I'm the same - much prefer short sleeves! Well done on a good run too!🙂


Short sleeves for me today too 😀

I saw a lot of very hot people holding hats and gloves!


Not a yellow jersey then?😁 Sounds like a good bargain, I'll have a look at those..😊


That's a fantastic run, Well done !

I went out on the night of Storm Doris and ended up running in short sleeves . I get really hot . There were a few runners out in hats and gloves, made me feel hotter just looking at them :-) xxx

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