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Slow and Steady (with the running fairies)


Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement yesterday. I decided to go out this morning, and was even Mrs Sensible last night, refusing the offer from Mr R to open a rather nice bottle of English Sparkling Wine that he'd got me for Valentine's, and hydrating on water.

There was no faffing as all my running gear was just waiting for me, it was if it was keener than me to get out of the door, so I was dressed and ready in record time. I wasn't going to put on MapMyRun as I didn't want to be tricked into speeding up my pace, but decided I would like to know how far I would make it to.

Following several virtual running buddies' advice I decided to set a target of running gently for no more than 30 minutes, but with the option to walk home if need be.

Well I'm pleased to say there was no sign of any gremlins for the majority of the run, and the running fairies were out to spur me onward. First of all, once I'd finished my warm up walk they helpfully turned the sun up, bathing the park in beautiful sunlight. There was even a friendly dog walker who commented that he hadn't seen me running for a while, and asked if I was ok. I gave him a quick thumbs up and was on my way.

The woodland was lovely, serenely quiet, but with sunlight dappled through the emerging leaves. I was tempted to speed up a bit, but my little fairies reminded me "slow and steady".

Then it was out of the wood and across the busy motorway approach road. One car stopped to let me cross, and there were no cars in the other direction, so I was able to carry on uninterrupted, on into the other park. Just as I was starting to flag the fairies had scattered some golden crocuses across the path, and I was able to step gently over them.

The last 5 minutes were harder, and it was then that the gremlins made a brief appearance. One little blighter pinching at my achilles tendon in my right leg and the other burrowing into my left knee, but with a few shakes of my legs I was then able to kick them away and continue.

It was a slow run, but at least I got out there. I guess I'm going to have to build up very gradually to get back to where I was, and then eventually, maybe, achieve that elusive 10K.

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Well done! I'm so relieved that you had a good run, huge thanks to the running fairies for their encouragement to you.

I'm sure it's wise just to have a few fun runs before you set any other goals.

Great to have you back. (Running! I know you've not gone anywhere!) 😀🏃‍♀️👍


That's great! Glad it went well,wine tonight?? 😊

Razouski in reply to aliboo70

No wine, but I did have some ice cream! 😀

BluebirdrunnerGraduate10 pleased you had a lovely run Raz..keep an eye on that knee twinge hopefully it will settle back down, maybe just tiredness.

Good job...well done😊xxx

I'm definitely going to keep an eye on my twinging knee. And I'm just going to take things gently this week. Thank you.


Very well is the way.. although we may get tired of hearing it.. slow and steady. it is always, still my mantra..because it does work.

Glad you are back on track and that the fairies beat the gremlins again! :)


Sounds very pretty. Slow and steady sounds like the way to go. Well done for not speeding up. ☺

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