Slow and steady!

Slow and steady!

I have recovered from my bug and today is my long run day so I went out to go for a 10k. The ground was soft and uneven across the fields and through the woods and an over excited Staffie decided jumping through the air at shoulder height was a good way to say "hello" but I stumbled on and managed 12k at a very slow speed (but I still call it running)!! Some days, running is pure fun, other days, it is just determination that gets the job done. Tired but satisfied. Julie

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  • Great that your back running after your bug Julie and glad you had a good run today. Sounds like you're back on track🙂!

  • I think you've definitely recovered from your bug Joolie if you can manage 12K! Fab stuff!

  • Looks good - 12 k after just getting rid of a bug, that's pretty good!

  • Well done Julie that's fantastic 😎

  • That's an impressive first run back. Well done :) No easing back into it with you

  • I did a couple of 5ks in the week, Saturday is my long run day - leg a little achy tonight but 2 day resting now

  • Wow.. pretty amazing.. glad you are feeling better too :)

  • Great run Joolie :) good distance :)

  • Great work Julie.

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