Whispering gremlins.....or Snow white's dwarfs?!

Whispering gremlins.....or Snow white's dwarfs?!

Misty, murky day here yesterday but needed to get out. Since early December the longest run I have managed is 6k and slow! Various obstacles have hindered my progress, some nice - visiting neice, Christmas and some not so nice - lurgy, accident and some long hours at work. So I donned my gear, sorted dog and off we went to the forest. I set off reasonably positive but the gremlins or maybe the 7 dwarfs were hiding in the trees whispering to me!

Sleepy: you are very tired, go back to bed

Sneezy: sore throat...maybe you are getting a cold

Grumpy: phew, this is HARD work...moan, moan

Bashful: I hope no one else is in the forest to see your red face

Doc: your legs feel heavy, your knee hurts and your neck aches - better stop for a rest

Greedy: no energy....oh why did you only eat a small banana this morning

But despite the whispering I plod on, determined to run more than 6k. Composing this post helped me forget those pesky gremlins and suddenly Runkeeper said 7k! Out of the trees I now leave those gremlins to moan by themselves....up the hill slowly, slowly and I'm at the gate. 8k - hooray!! Now I hear one more dwarf singing to me 'Happy, happy' πŸ˜€

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  • Haha, love your posts πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Well done Snow White !!!

    Hiho, hiho, it's off to run I go!!!

  • ..In my running shoes

    I lose the blues

    Hi ho hi ho.

    Hi ho hi ho!

  • Love it - I feel another anthem coming on....

  • Very clever Biscuit0107 - ha, ha! πŸ˜€

  • I love that photo and it sounds like you are back 'on it'! Well done☺

  • Thank you Sandra, definitely a dreich day - low mist, drizzle, wind....

  • Love it.. superb!!! And, after that run...you certainly aren't Dopey... :)

    Great return run! I made it out for a longer one today too! Isn't it nice to be off that IC :)x

  • Ahh, I wondered who would spot that I had missed one! I was a bit dopey because I listened to the gremlins - well a bit! Glad you had a good run, yes so nice to run properly againπŸ‘

  • Well done Sue! 😊

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