Compromised with the Gremlins. Everybody happy!

Last night I felt a bit spaced out, and then had a bizarre night of being too hot/ too cold, and frequently waking up interspersed with random dreams.

I dreamt I had slept in for parkrun and that I'd texted my friend to say sorry I'd missed it. Then I woke up but didn't know if that was a dream and was too tired to turn over to look at the clock and see what time it was!

When the clock radio eventually went off with yet more Donald Trumpish chat, the answer was revealed.

During the first five minutes of parkrun I realised how low my "fuel tank" was and REALLY wanted to turn round and go home! But I made a little compromise with the Gremlins and agreed to run slowly. This worked and I got round the whole way. I was less than two minutes slower than usual and I quite enjoyed the relaxed feeling. Almost as much as I enjoyed poached eggs on toast in the cafe afterwards with some of the other parkrunners... :)

Hope all those of you who parkran today had a good one. Any PBs?

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  • Good compromise - and you still ran! There are some days when taking your foot off the accelerator allows you to enjoy the scenery a bit more too!πŸ™‚

  • I too compromised with my gremlin, missed the parkrun (had a friend staying, so thought it was rude to leave her), but did my own 5.5k later. (She was still here, but I just couldn't let another glorious Saturday go by - so obviously it was inky rude at 9.00 & not at 10:00... πŸ˜‰

    Too hot? Too cold. That'll be your thermostat on the blink πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ (it's why I now wear a Marino wool top in bed!)

  • Ha, Anne those gremlins get everywhere...into dreams and messing with your covers!!

    You did well to complete that Parkrun today when you weren't up to parr.. Well done.

    My run was slow today too. Cramp in my calf from my walk yesterday in the wrong footwear...

    Never mind eh? Its all good. Glad you enjoyed your post run breakfast.😊 xx

  • Oh Anne, I hope that you're feeling better and well done getting round 😊 -Minus 3,degrees here today, there was steam rising from everyone at the Parkrun even before we started. 32.39 today which is getting back towards my faster times after a few slower runs 'just enjoying the view' over Christmas and New Year. I'm still a long way from breaking the 30 minute barrier but I've given myself till next Christmas to do that ....

  • Two minutes for peace of mind sounds like a good deal. :)

  • Those pesky gremlins get everywhere...

    Glad you did a good, if compromised, park run this morning, and the afters sounded great. All we had was a cup of tea and a custard cream. ;-)

  • Pesky little blighters, but at least these were willing to negotiate!

    Well done you... and poached eggs on toast Yum! A win- win day! x

  • My gremlin was trying to stop me from going at all, telling me the bed was warm and outside the bed was cold (whch is true!) But at 8.30 I dragged myself out of bed, picked up running gear and fan heater and got my kit on and quickly went out with earmuffs, hoodie and gloves. Then I jogged the 10mins to get there partly to stay warm and partly because I was running late. And ran about 3/4 of the course with another runner, her first time at parkrun but obviously with previous running experience as we ran it in 30min - 30:05 for me and prob under 30 for her as she sped ahead right at the end. So I was super glad I went! Not a PB but best time I've had for ages :) Hope those gremlins don't make you lose sleep again any time soon... :)

    Oh and I had a fruit tea afterwards, they've started putting an urn with tea and biscuits out. So amazing :)

  • Our parkrun was cancelled. There's a rather wobbly footbridge and when it is icy it's pretty dangerous. But as I'd got into my running kit as soon as I got up, I had to do a run. Not quite 5k but better than nothing!

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