Worst run in a long time!

Hello everyone,

Well, after smashing my PB for 5k on my last two runs and managing my first 10k over the Easter weekend, my run yesterday was horrible!!!

I couldn't be bothered to go out- which is so odd for me!- my legs felt like lead. The gremlins were well and truly out in force. Every step seemed like a nightmare! I did 6k in 40.27 which is pretty good (my long run pace is generally 7mins per km). I had hoped to run 8k but I just couldn't go any further.

I have no idea why it was so bad. Maybe I left it too late in the day (I went out at 4pm, and I generally run best in the mornings). Who knows! I just hope my next run is better. Might have a couple of days off til Wed, maybe that'll give me the motivation again.

One positive though, I've been keeping tracking of my runs and I've now run 100k this year!! Which I'm delighted about.

Happy running all :-)

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  • It's horrible when runs don't go to plan and the legs feel like lead weights isn't it? I have felt like this on a couple of runs recently, but am putting it down to a virus and also some pretty hard emotional times in my life at the moment. Just keep on getting out there and I'm sure you will get back to feeling how you were. I also agree it's a good idea to take a little more rest time for a while to help things back on track. Good luck🙂.

  • Thanks Sandra. I hope you get better from your virus quickly and that things get a bit easier for you :)

  • 1st off well done on the 100k so far this year, it is surprising how quickly the km's tick over :D 

    There are many positives in your post and they are the ones to concentrate on , a run that doesn't go as expected happens every now and then. 

    Maybe take a few extra rest days they are just as important :) make the next run just for fun , no times no specific distance ,take the time to just enjoy what we all love doing :) 

  • Thanks Slow_Rob, you're absolutely right- there were lots of positives and I should definitely focus on them!

  • Bless u!  Running breakthrough can often come before a tough run.  You have been pushing yourself and now your body is saying "hang on a minute, let me recover, I didn't ask you to do that!"  I have found with my 5ks that they are still tough but when I compare my speed, I am running a bit faster than before so it is not getting easy!  Just our human nature, reach one goal and push for a bit more.  Try to remember the great runs from last week, recover and onwards to the next adventure!

  • Thanks Julie, I think you might be right on that- a breakthrough and then a tough run. I was out again today and I held it together to do 8k, so I'm feeling  a lot better now. And I've even signed up for my local 10k run in mid May! Eek!

  • Once I knew I could do 10k, I thought I would make every run a long run but in the end decided that 2 x5k and one long run was more sensible for wear and tear on my toffee legs!

  • Everyone has bad runs, slow sluggish legs feel like lead, but just put it behind you and try and move on.   

    the reasons i have had bad runs are :

    - Bad nights sleep 

    - Not eaten enough

    - Eaten to much 

    - Not drunk enough water

    - It just happens. 

  • Thanks for the comment benwill. I went out for another run today and it went much better. I'll remember all the advice given here for the next time it happens!

  • I think you just forgot the rubbish, or not so for a whole raft of reasons runs, and just forget them.  I always think my next run will be my best

    Running is fun - and good for you - so stay positive

  • You're absolutely right misswobble! I was just pleased to be out there at all! And this time last year I hadn't been for a run in my life (apart from at school!) so it's all good :-)

  • Don't worry too much about it.  We all have runs that aren't as good.  Perhaps you've been pushing a bit too hard?  Have a couple of extra rest days and the next one will be brill!  Congrats on the 100k as well - wonderful :)

  • Thank you! I think you're right, I probably have been pushing it a bit hard. Thanks for the congrats, I'm really chuffed to have broken through the 100k!! Especially since this time last year I hadn't even started the programme!

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