C25k up to 10..... the final week!!!!

Welcome everybody to the final week of C25K up to 10. Woo hoo we are here!!! Apologies this is a little later in the week, life is a bit nuts at the moment!!

How are you all getting on? well done everybody for sticking to this or whatever programme you are following. You are doing so well!!!

So this weeks runs:

4k or you could swop this for the speed podcast or intervals.



I will post the certificate by the end of the week..... well done!!!!





















































Good luck everyone and lets support one another here....



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  • Thanks ju-ju- Obviously I am way behind now having just finished week 2. I hope to be up to 8k (my goal of 5 miles at last) by the time I go on holiday. Then I hope to run a bit with Lanza Road Runners who seem very friendly and flexible, even welcoming people who want to walk.

    On my return I will pick up where I left off.

    Good luck to everyone else for this final week

  • That sounds like a really good plan and well done!!

  • I have decided to vary the final week for me if that's okay! I did 5K yesterday,and it was warm (regardless of the roaring coal fire I had on at home!),going to do 7.5K as the middle run before doing the 10K - that way I think jumping from 4 to 5 then to 10 wouldn't feel such a daunting challenge! Only problem is the weather. I might try and do my middle run today,tomorrow and Sunday look bad,Friday and Saturday some rain.

    We've had a few weeks of very settled weather and reasonably mild,touch on the cold side!


  • I'm planning on doing the same this week Mark. I ran a 5k Monday night and had my running group tonight where we did a 8k. It was a faster group of runners than normal so my legs are feeling tired already. Bit worried I'll not recover sufficiently to plod round a 10k but hopefully I will be fine with a couple of days rest. Good luck - and here's hoping the weather holds out!!

  • I hope you are doing ok, huge well done on all of your progress 😎

  • That sounds like a super plan, how are you getting on??

  • Thank you ju-ju. I ran 8km on Tuesday, so will do 5km today and - fingers crossed - the big 10 on Friday ! Good luck everyone πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ πŸƒ

  • Just reporting back to say I went out to do the 5km and felt like keeping going. So I did and ran just over 10km! So pleased to have reached this goal. Thanks for the challenge and the company, it has been a big motivator.

  • Hooray and well done that is so fantastic, I bet you feel amazing?? 😎

  • I am just back from my hour run, with a blister and a huge grin on my face! Not a huge distance - too embarrassed to put it on here - but the furthest I have ever managed. I am a happy runner!

  • Well done! Don't be embarrassed about your distance - you ran 60 mins & that's fab! I just love the joy in your post. Brought a smile to my face. πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

  • Me too :)

  • Terrific , well done! I am v slow so we are all in this together

  • I have given up worrying about it. I just smile and nod at the runners/walkers who pass me!

  • You ran for an hour.... I would say that is pretty amazing!!!!! Never ever be too embarrassed about distance/ speed .... you are a runner and that's more than most people can say. I'm so glad you have achieved this goal, well done 😎

  • Aww, thank you!

  • I'm a couple of weeks behind now, firstly due to bad weather then tweaking my knee last Sunday. I've just come back from a very slow and gentle 4k and so far knee is fine - hope it's the same when I wake up tomorrow. I need to post my 9k run and - subject to knee - will do that next week, but am tempted to follow Mark's lead and do a 5k, 7k, then 9k if knee holding up.

  • I think that sounds a good plan, get your knee checked out if it's no better, and well done on your progress 😎

  • I did 8k on Monday and it felt harder work (with hubs pushing probably). Not sure when I will get out again this week as I am working and then half term is on us. I would like to get another 10k in soon. I have to say this training plan gave me the confidence to get to 10k. Thank you Ju-ju for getting me from 5k to 10k! Now I would like to keep running at 5-10k a couple of times a week before deciding what to do next. In August I was on the couch, October was 5k and parkrun followed by 10k in January/February. Not bad going for a beginner.

  • Seems like pretty good going to me! I take it your hubs wasn't literally pushing you? In a wheelbarrow?! Sorry, couldn't resist!

  • Lol yes pushing me in a wheelbarrow cracking the whip to run faster!!! I wish lol. He has a habit of running in front of me, putting up the pace a little to see if I respond and keep with him. Then I feel despondent if I can't, grrrr. Funnily my fastest times are on my own......

  • I am so pleased.... huge well done to you, you are doing brilliantly... 😎

  • Hi Ju Ju, thanks for the posts over the last few weeks,I will miss them each week.

  • I'm so very glad you found them helpful, and you won't get rid of me that easily, I'm always here... part of the furniture !!!

  • I've only gone and done it!!!!!! 10k!!!! I could barely run 10 seconds this time last year and today I've just finished an hour (and a wee bit) run. Thanks ju-ju- for giving me the structure and confidence to move up from 5k. I'm now off to eat some celebratory cake.

  • Well done, it feels great doesn't it. I think this plan has certainly given the confidence that 10k is achievable from 5k. Enjoy your cake, it's well deserved.

  • Thank you. I haven't stopped grinning all afternoon :-)

  • I'm so glad, that is so amazing and what an achievement.... and most importantly I hope you enjoyed that well deserved cake!!!!! 🍰🍰🍰

  • Had hoped to have made it today but not had a great few days mentally speaking and woke up feeling under the weather so going to try to get this done tomorrow :(

  • Hey we all have those days, how are you feeling now? I hope you are feeling better 😎

  • Much worse,sadly :( I have my second CBT session tomorrow but feel I'm putting the weight I lost back on and the mindset is back to where it was before. I'm not sure all this is working for me.

  • Posted my attempt - how did I do? Can't quite believe it....

  • Bit late... but thrilled to report my latest 10k was done in 55mins on a hilly route and I'm up to 13k distance... I've done four 10k's+ since 28th Jan but have not been running as much as I would like in the week due to that curse of the working classes, work... but seems to have worked out OK as feel great (if a bit grumpy when something stops me running!).

    Thanks for setting up this great thread and tips - its been a welcome focal point and source of common sense and useful tips, information.

    I'm amazed I've come this far so soon... I was on the couch last October... my problem now is I've got to find the time or better planning to get up to half marathon.

    My personal learning form this? Hills are your friend, Audiofuel makes you go faster more easily (if that is what you want).

    Cheers all and well done... see you on the next challenge. What's next Ju-Ju :-) ... thank you.

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