And so it begins

Finally I can report I have completed my 1st run on my return, nothing major just over 2 miles in about 25 mins, it has been a long time coming ... for now it is just running for me with no specific goals in mind ... thank you to everyone for your continued support and comments ..

Have had to many hiccups over the last year, so no expectations , if all goes well then we will see 😊

Hope springs comes quickly , Brrr cold out there ..

Hope all is good with everyone 😊

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  • So pleased you are back Rob☺. Best of luck with your return!

  • Thank you Sandraj39 ☺

  • Great that you are again able to run...there's no rush and it's just good to get out there..onwards and upwards...

  • Thank you pot58

  • Ah its our lovely Rob ! Its good to see you back on here Rob, and I am so pleased for you that your run went well.

    Keep going, Baby steps mind !

    Welcome home :-) xxx

  • Thanknyou poppypug ☺ Hope youvare doing ok xx

  • aah well done Rob! :) lovely to see you back, yes hopefully spring is round the corner :)

  • Thank you aliboo70 😊

  • Great to see you back with your running shoes on! Keep the updates coming 😁

    Take it easy mate.

  • Thanks AndyD good to see you

  • Brilliant to hear you are running again - I've had a bit of a break - literally - and have just re-graduated - but I took it slow and steady - the important thing is to be running again. Good to have you back. :)

  • Hi Runon sorry to hear about your break glad you are back too

  • Just wondering how you were doing yesterday - welcome back!!

  • Lovely to see you back Rob... :)

    Just my kind of run too, steadily and slowly with no specific plan :) You are back on your running journey and it is so good to see you moving ahead with strength and positivity.

    Remember, as the saying goes,

    No Winter lasts forever; no Spring skips it turn." True in so many ways, Rob.


  • Thank you Oldfloss 😊

  • Ah, welcome back lovely Not_So_Slow_Rob. So good to hear you're running again. You've definitely been missed.

    No goals, no expectations is definitely the right way to go, just running for the pleasure of it (even if the pleasure involves lots of freezing extremities at the moment!)

    Roll on Spring - there's nothing like a few daffodils to put a spring in the step.


  • Thank you AncientMum xx

  • How nice to see you back again! Best of luck with it - slow and steady, no pressure, just run and all that good stuff :) Happy running to you.

  • Thank you Anniemurph ☺

  • Welcome back! That was the first run of many!

  • Thanks JaySeeSkinny ☺

  • So great to see you back here Rob πŸ€— We've missed you.

  • Thanks Irishprincess 😊

  • Welcome back. Happy healthy running, as your strength builds. x

  • Thanks AnneDroid ☺

  • Hi Rob, good to hear you are making your come back

    Yeah roll on spring. It was taters out there today despite some sun. There was an ice cream van in our park! Madness!

    Take it steady πŸ˜€

  • Thanks misswobble . Hopefully bit warmer this week

  • Good to see you back Rob! Easy does it!😊

  • Thanks davelinks 😊

  • Good to see you back running, hope it works out for you.

  • Thanks Coddfish 😊

  • Welcome home Bob xx

  • Thank you Curlygurly2 glad to be back xx

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