Backwards step? We will see!

My running four times a week experiment continues! So far this week, 2 x 5 plus 1 x 6 and then I will do another 5 on Saturday. Legs feel good and strong. No ill effects from my three times a week and total distance over the week is the same so I have been pretty sensible!

A little disappointed I am missing a nice long run but I will just up one run a week until I reach 3 x 5 and a 10 but no hurry for that. Does that seem ok??

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  • Sounds good to me. You're doing really well and obviously enjoying running 4x a week. Your plan sounds really sensible. Enjoy!

  • It does to me, but I am a real novice, so I'm watching how things turn out for you with rapt attention.

  • I have been running for a year. Pretty happy my legs coped well running four times a week. I still do my strength and flex exercises on running rest days. I have stopped step aerobics that I do at home too just to be cautious. I can slowly increase my weekly distance, but don't want to lose my ability to run 10k, will keep you updated. Final run tomorrow and will go for 5k

  • I really need to commit to doing some regular strength and flex work on my rest days.

    Though carting my poorly, youngest grandsprocket around earlier this week must count for something...

  • As long as you feel okay and not overloaded.. that seems okay.

    We know when things are too much for us.. you are doing so well..:)

  • Sounds great Joolie.

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