First parkrun for grandson

First parkrun for grandson

New recruit! Me and my grandson today at Portsmouth Lakeside. I think his time was 28:20 for his first run although I think he may have been waiting me to catch up at times, and he completed the run without a walk break. Very proud of him especially as he had a 2hr swimming training session before this, oh for some of his stamina! Here's to more parkruns together!

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  • What a wonderful memory to make for both of you :) I envy you in the good way Frank, and well done Youngster :)

  • Cheers John, hope there's plenty more of these runs to come. Hope your enjoying your running! 😎

  • ☺

  • How lovely ! Hope you are both proud of each other.

  • Thanks HP, I am proud of him. Hope your still enjoying your running! 😎

  • Lovely picture Frank and well done to your grandson! Great time for a first run - what it is to be young, eh?πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Sandra, I can only see him leaving me well behind. 😊

  • Oh to be young and fit again. Maybe in my next life! Love that you get to run with your grandson!

  • You're right it would be nice, but I still enjoy my running, I hope you enjoy yours. 😊

  • I'm lurgified at the moment - but it's coming to an end. Running next week, I hope😎

  • Keep my fingers crossed for you, although it does seem to linger on a bit. πŸ™„

  • A racing snake in the making ! Well done Frank and Grandson , lovely photo too ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Chris, hope all is well with you? 😎 xxx

  • Yes I'm doing okay , thanks Frank :-) xxx

  • Great picture! What a good way to spend time together.😊

  • Thanks Lavender, you're right it a lovely way to spend time together. 😎

  • How lovely! I enjoy running with my daughter aged 7 but I am the one encouraging her and slowing myself down for her to keep up. In time the tables will be reversed and I will be keeping up lol. I can only wish for some of his stamina, I guess the secret to that is youth!

  • You're right! The secret is youth, and it won't be long for your daughter to switch the tables. 😎

  • Oh to be young ... sigh!

    Lovely photograph! very very well done.. both of you x

  • Thanks Floss, wouldn't it be nice to be young again! 😎x

  • T'would... :)

    Although......we're still having a lot of fun now, aren't we? :) x

  • We're that, I've definately found my second childhood! 😎 x

  • Ah, thats a lovely photo of you both frank, and expresses perfectly what is so great about parkrun!

  • Thank you Jo, I think is great, how about you? 😎

  • Well done to you both! Sounds like you had funπŸ˜†

  • Thanks Ali, yes we had a lovely morning. 😎

  • Have a great race tomorrow Frank! we are at the Ryde 10 mile race too ! :)

  • Best of luck to you all, hope it's not too hilly! x

  • That's a wonderful picture - and will be very precious to both of you. Hope you have good run tomorrow.

  • Thanks AR, he keeps me young and I love him to bits. Have a lovely weekend. 😎

  • Hi Frank, well done your Grandson! Do you think he'll make it a regular thing with you? I think you know I run with my nephew at Parkrun, but he is 20 years younger than me and a tad fitter, so have to let him go on ahead on the trail, I like to see him go and keeps trying to improve his PB each week, he's improving slowly, no rush is there, it's great! And the benefit of me staying behind him is that he's waiting for me at the finish line with a beaker of water!😁 Not that I really need it, but nice of him to do that..😊

  • Thanks Dave, I hope he keeps it up, he said he wants too. It's good to run with someone especially when it's family, and like you I got left behind on the last couple of k's! He's sport mad, he had swim training for 2hrs, then parkrun and finished off with football at 11 o'clock where do they get their energy. I can see you enjoy your nephews company, it's great eh! 😎

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