No no no! Ic for a week, baah

Looks like my kerb jarring experience on my 10k last Thursday has gone from a stiff, lost my horse kinda walk to a painful leg tingling, struggling to get anywhere walk. GP prescribed strong antiinflammatories and no running for a week, flippity flip. I am not a happy runner at the moment and was looking forward to my 8k route tomorrow. Now I shuffle like a pensioner. The week better work some miracles!

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  • That sucks! But better a week of now than three months off later on. Hope the pills sort you out.

  • Take the week and be thankful.. rest that leg, take your pills and plan the comeback route.. better the IC for a week, than crocked for months :)

    Heal soon x Big hug

  • Ouch. Get better soon.😯xxx

  • I know a week is better than it could be but I had a nice route planned and a running partner tomorrow. So disappointed that I fell down a kerb....

  • Take it easy and rest up for a week, then you can come back fighting fit and running your new route.

    I know how frustrating it is on the IC but we all have to take a turn there sooner or later.

  • Oh, how frustrating! That sounds horrible. Take your Doctors advice to rest up and return slowly; running is for life remember and these things do happen. Patience now will help in the long run. Ice and cake always works for me!😉 Hope you're back out there soon.

  • That's a shame. 😞

    But I guess 6 months from now that week's rest won't have mattered. (But it might have if you didn't have it!!!)

  • It is such a pain but I could see that running today would be a bad thing! Instead I home-made cottage pie and made some fruit cake when I would have been running. Funny now my pills are working for my SI joint pain, I can feel discomfort in my left ankle and knee which I haven't felt before.

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