Nervously returning from the IC

After my bank holiday Monday 10k forest run I developed an uncomfortable hip pain and my knees were tender, this is the second time this has happened after a 10k run. Not wanting to over do things but trusting that I could run this off as before, I decided to go for a gentle 5k on the Wednesday and was absolutely fine during the run, but the pain came back later that day. During Thursday the uncomfortable feeling intensified to a shooting pain from my hip right down to my ankle. Luckily we had hired a hot tub for a celebration so I have been making the most of this every evening and rested for four days with no further incidents. I went out this Monday and did a very slow and gentle 30 minute run/walk, followed today by a slow and gentle 4.5k run and have been fine on both occasions but what now? My heart wants to attempt a 10K again tomorrow or Saturday, my head says do another week of easy 5k's. What do you suggest?

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  • When I first started runnig 10k I had a few niggles, which all settled by easing off a little.I think sometimes it is your body adapting to the new distance. I get this far less often now. Could you plan to do a longer run but just shorten it if the pain starts to return? I am a great one for listening to my body! Good luck🙂

  • Oh so glad you said that, I don't mind easing off a little to work up strength, but was worried I would have to go back to building up from 5k again. I can always stop running and walk the rest of the way home so long as I can climb over stiles, fences and gates!

  • I always tell myself that if I am doing trail running, I can stop and admire the scenery and even walk for a minute if I need a rest from rough ground.  It is great fun running in the countryside but really works the legs and ankles hard!

  • As Sandraj39  says.. try it and see... ? Body always tells us what to do ... we just have to listen:)

  • Wondering where your graduation badge was! have you not got there yet because of injury? don't worry there's no rush! Just hate to see people held back by Injury. You will get some nagging aches n pains, I did, think we all did or do, hope it doesn't hinder you to much.😊

  • I've only completed two 10k's and don't feel that I've earnt the badge yet as you don't get to graduate from C25K until you have done 3 x 30 minutes. I'm working to the same guidelines for 10k (I know not everyone will do this but it suits me). 

  • After my one and only 10k I felt fine, but 24h later my shins started to hurt quite badly (which worried me a lot). What worried me most of all was the fact that listening to my body hadn't helped at all, because it had said nothing but "hurrah" during the whole run! So now I'm building up slowly again regardless of what my treacherous legs say. But then I'm a relative new c25k graduate. 

  • Yes, I'm new to it too, and didn't feel any signs during the longer runs. It's so easy to get excited and push a little harder, but I am trying to hold back and did stick to the 10% rule, what I haven't done is strengthening exercises which I am now concentrating on as I thinks this will make a difference.

  • Ouch, sounds painful, never had hip pain before!  Have you been doing strength and flex exercises every day.  I have found these have improved my legs and prevented injury, sure it would help with hips too

  • No, I hadn't done any exercises up till the injury, but I have started now. Should have known I would get caught out eventually!

  • A shooting pain from your hip to your ankle is more than justca niggle. I am afraid I would err on the side of caution and build back up from 5k but not as gradually as you did before.

  • I've decided a 7k might be a good compromise for today, so I will see how that feels.

    Thanks for all your advice.

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