Misty eyed run

Misty eyed run

Well week 1 of my "run four times a week" challenge! So far, going well, the thought of an additional run day is great (actually enjoy it nowadays)! Yesterday 4 km and at very silly o'clock today (5 am) out I went. The was a misty rain which wasn't soaking me but my glasses were misted up most of the time. Realised by the time I was nearly home, that I would have seen better without glasses! Still I stayed on my feet, so that is good. Should have done another 4, but decided to run on to 5 (it is a nice rounded number, so much more pleasant than 4)! Day of rest tomorrow, 4 on Thursday and 10 on Saturday

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  • Nice snap. Where did you get the bib from? I'm glad you're enjoying the 4 runs a week, seems like you've got a sensible split with Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat. Today wasn't a run day, but I did gremlin out of the gym trip I had planned. Already regretting not going, will have to work extra hard on Thursday. Running in the rain is great (assuming that it isn't too windy). Glad the run went well.

  • Well done!

    Wish I could see better without my glasses in the rain.

  • Hays off to you if you can manage four runs a week. I did it for a short time but it did me in 😞

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